Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Best of Ezra Santos Spring Summer 2013

I know I should not have but for some reason, I missed the Day 1 of the Philippine Fashion Week. How come? Arrghh.. long story. The day already passed so I guess I have to forget and move on. Anyhoo, let me share to you my top pick from Ezra Santos' collection for spring summer 2013 as presented by  L’Oréal Paris.

Paging Lady Gaga.. here comes your armor dress!

This is my favorite in the name of simplicity.

Reminds me of Tweetie de Leon in a Rajo Laurel pintados gown.

I know right? Simple is beautiful.

This one is perfect for Star Magic Ball Maybe for young stars like Julia Montes.

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  1. First one is definitely ferocious! :) I liek your fave too. Simple and very flattering.

    1. I know. Yan ang mga peg ko sis.. yung parang goddess ang look! :)

    2. Opppss.. I mean, bet* not peg. Haha.

  2. Love these dresses! My favorite's the 5th one.. It looks so fab, edgy and sexy without being too over-the-top :)

    1. You going to the PFW sis? They keep sending me more tickets but not sure if I can attend them all. It's rainy and we have a short vacation coming. Arrgh!


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