Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Golden Gift

When I was in grade school, my grandmother gave me a pair of vintage gold earrings from like the 1940s onward. I can't remember exactly how it looked like but it was small and really cute girl earrings, sold to her by an old friend then given to me as a gift. Anyway, young and careless as I was, I wore it while cleaning our backyard one day. When I cam home, grandmother noticed that I lost an earring and next thing I know, I couldn't wear a pair of gold earrings or anything in gold again because I was worried of losing them.

Anyway, this is a pair of Turkish gold earrings hubby just bought me as a gift. I like it so much because of its bow detail and dangling chain. I know am not that careless girl anymore so more golden things please! :P


  1. Oh, these are pretty! Just last week, i lost an earring while playing with my little girl :(

  2. how lovely! I love the style sis...how sweet of your hubby....:)

    btw, sali ka sa giveaway ko if you get a chance...:)


  3. Ooooooh. This is a gorgeous pair! Pics of you wearing it please?


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