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Monday, October 29, 2012

Anne Curtis Versus Ria Bolivar

I know you recognized the dress that Anne Curtis wore at the Bench fashion show! I supposed it was the same dress that Ria Bolivar wore on the runway for the Spring / Summer 2013 Collection of Ezra Santos.

Anne Curtis for Bench

Ria Bolivar for Ezra Santos

Like I said, this dress reminds me of Lady Gaga because it looks like an armor dress too. I am not sure but it seems to be made out of capiz or mother of pearl shell.

Now, who do you think wore the dress better?! :)


  1. mas malakas ang dating nung si ann ang nagdala =) love it!

  2. The dress looked 10x more expensive with Ria Bolivar. I think Ria Bolivar definitely wore the dress better than Anne Curtis.

    Michael Macalos

  3. Although Ann is gorgeous, I'd go for Ria. :)

  4. Hi Sis, thanks for the visit.. :)
    Of course it's Anne, the smile made everything perfect... hehehe :)

    Happy Halloween Mi amiga :)

  5. Ria looks very high fashion while Anne takes attention away from the dress with her bold makeup. Also, Ria's legs go on forever so I vote Ria... but I don't get why the same dress would be featured under two different brands in two different years... But I don't know a lot about fashion, I'm just a makeup artist... :)


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