Thursday, September 13, 2012

Virginia Olsen Mineral Eyeshadow

I read about mineral makeup from other bloggers before, but I wasn't really interested to know more. You know, I am a kind of lazy and not very good when it comes to face painting. My hands are shaky and I tend to apply makeup sloppily. Just to add a little color to my face, I normally use a lip gloss, lipstick, powder and blush on. I seldom use eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, etc.

Things changed a bit when these mineral eyeshadows arrived at my door last week.
I was honestly excited to open and apply each to my face for the result.

Bronze Sparkle. I am thinking of wearing this for night parties.

Pink Diamonds. This I can wear from day to night.

As I see it, mineral makeup becoming more and more popular in the Philippines as alternative to conventional or traditional makeup. Virginia Olsen is one the brands that beauty bloggers endorse or support. To explain more about Virginia Olsen products, I am sharing the following information from their website.

The Naturally Fun Stuff
Mineral makeup has been an increasingly popular alternative to conventional makeup. Hugely popular in the United States, the benefits of mineral makeup have now been recognized in the Philippines. So what is it all about?
Virginia Olsen is 100% natural, paraben free, bismuth & talc free, and pure mineral make-up suitable for women of any age, ethnicity or skin type. Our formulations are calming to the skin, making them ideal for women prone to sensitivities; and being fragrance-free, they are particularly compatible with delicate skin, giving a sheer, natural, flawless coverage. Further, our makeup unlocks the therapeutic properties of zinc oxide and the natural sunscreen provided by titanium dioxide.
Purity also explains the ultra-smooth texture and versatility of Virginia Olsen. Even the sheerest of applications goes on smooth, creamy and consistent and will not clump or fade. Other mineral makeup are stretched with a variety of fillers, such as talc, to bulk-up the quantity of the product and the margin of profit. Not only do these products cause caking and creasing, but they can cause skin irritation, rashes and allergic reactions.
Virginia Olsen's pure mineral cosmetics are weightless, long wearing, water resistant and provides naturally high UVA and UVB protection. In this regard, Virginia Olsen is also recommended by dermatologists and cosmetologists for use on sensitive skin, and is safe to use after surgery, micro dermabrasion, laser and other beauty treatments.
Our extensive and affordable product-line includes foundations, blushers, eyeshadows, eyeliners, primers, finishing veils, concealers, HD makeup base, and makeup brushes. Virginia Olsen's eco-friendly and sustainable cosmetics are of the highest quality, celebrated by make-up artists, stylists, celebrities, dancers and models.

How to use mineral makeup?
Swirl, Tap and Buff Technique
1. Sprinkle a small amount of Virginia Olsen mineral makeup into the lid of the jar. Swirl your Virginia Olsen beauty tools in the powder so that it is infused in the bristles.
2. Tap off excess makeup on the lid. There should be no visible product on the outside of the brush.
3. Buff onto the skin in a circular motion. Remember, a little goes a long way. You can always apply additional layers until you are satisfied with the coverage.



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  2. The pink diamonds look more like a purple to me ;) Anyway, i hope you can post your eye makeup look using these two colors! :)

  3. I love the pink diamond color! I'll be doing a review on virginia olsen eyeshadows too! hope you can drop by my blog too!:)

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