Saturday, September 08, 2012

Let Me Shoe You

I was supposed to be rushing home that day. Apparently, I cannot drag myself away that easy if I pass by a section in a mall where there is a display of adorable pairs of shoes. In all honestly, shameless drooling happened on those pink cap toes and more drooling on these gorgeous pairs.

yellow wedges..

black and orange..

sequined open toes..

Maryjanes with gold heels..

golden stilettos..

more in orange, green, cream and black..

and more in a different style..

Why too many sexy shoes these days? Seriously SM, are you trying rob my pocket again?! :/


  1. These look so fab! I actually can't help but just drool over at the sight of really nice shoes during my last SM trip. If only I had a lot of moolah! *sigh*

  2. Gorgeous shoes! :)

  3. That maryjanes with gold heels!!! SO CUTE!!!

  4. I followed you on GFC. :) Hope you follow me back. Thanks!

    xx Diana

  5. I want the mary janes with gold heels. <3

  6. gaganda ng shoes...ang hirap nga lang sa paa.that'll kill my toes big time hehe

  7. Whenever I go to SM. I go home with a pair in tow. Temptations! :)

    Daughter of Summer,


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