Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Be the Homecoming Queen with a Milanoo Dress

If every girl deserves to be a princess once in her life, then every woman also deserves to be a queen. We know in western countries, a young girl becomes an instant princess on her sixteenth birthday or coming of age party. The prom night also gives an equal "princess opportunity" to that girl who look the loveliest in her night gown. On the other hand, big girls may get a chance to be the crowned queen during university or high school homecomings. And, just like the prom princess, a homecoming queen wins a crown by wearing a lot of charm and dressing the part.

I remember in high school, we didn't have a prom night because of low student budget. Besides, living in the province makes the search for a cocktail dress or a long gown difficult and expensive. Fashion stores and boutiques are very much limited there and online shopping wasn't a trend yet. Lucky are the girls of this generation because they have options of going to a mall or shopping online. Take for example Milano, an online retail store with a wide selection of wedding gowns and dresses for special events in a competitive price.

While browsing through the pages, this green homecoming dress caught my eye. Its off-the-shoulder style and tiered hemline make it look perfect for a goddess-like homecoming queen. This dress is for women with hourglass, slender, inverted triangle, rectangle, or pear frame.

They have a lot of lovely pink homecoming dresses, too. This floor-length pink rhinestone flannel dress in a soft pink color is just one of them. This dress is good for ladies with rectangle, inverted triangle, pear, hourglass, or slender body shape.

And now, take this purple homecoming dress for that ultimate queen look. I am sure anyone could turn into a party stunner with this gorgeous piece. This dress is for women with rectangle, pear, inverted triangle, hourglass, or slender body figure.

In my opinion, this lavender dress is the most beautiful among the three. I didn't have a chance to join a prom night in high school, but if I were to attend a homecoming, I am sure I would want to wear something like it. I have a thing for one-shoulder dresses, although lavender isn't my favorite color. I don't know, there is something about asymmetrical dresses that makes me feel royal. That's the same reason why I wore a dress with a similar style and silhouette in my wedding.


  1. we checked online for my daughter's prom night dress last Feb but we bought the gown at the store, at least we already have an idea online before we proceeded to the mall.

  2. Gorgeous Dresses especially the green one :)

    Michael Macalos

  3. aww i love the first dress!! pretty color!

    1. i agree.. that's why i chose that dress to be a part of this post! :)

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