Monday, September 17, 2012

Baguio in September

I was in Baguio the first weekend of September to attend a seminar at the Teacher's Camp. Of course, I expected the weather there to be colder than Manila, so I took a jacket and a scarf with me. When we touched down, it was quite chilly and the city was foggy. It was a bit hot in the midday though, and then cold again in the afternoon till the next morning.

I'd spent my spare time going around and shopping during my last day in the city. Good thing that the crochet top I wore was just enough for the temperature.

This was my fourth time to visit Baguio, but my first at the Teacher's Camp. No ghost story to share except for no enough water running at the third floor of our building.

Standing beside the map of Teacher's Camp - Baguio. The camp is huge with lots of old buildings and an oval for sports.

There were lots of flowers and pine trees around the camp. This one looks unique. I don't think I have seen anything like it before.

I should've taken home this flower and add to my urban garden. This is called hydrangea, famous for wedding bouquets.

Here is just a random centerpiece at the dining hall. So cute that I joked about taking this to our room to my classmates. Haha.

I ate mostly meat and vegetables in Baguio. This was my first meal upon arrival. In my plate were pork steak, steamed veggies, and plain rice. I also had water, light soup and banana.

Baguio is no longer as beautiful as before. Hence, this post doesn't have tourist spots photos in it. Truthfully, I was enchanted the first time I went up there way back year 2001.. now not anymore. If I were to go to back to Baguio, I will only have a few reasons to do so. First is shopping.. a lot of thrift shops and very cheap vegetables. Second is food.. 'cause I love vegetables!


  1. awwww... sad but true ate. Have you tried going to Tam-awan village though? sort of art gallery siya, try visiting Ben Cab Museum din, and Oh My Gulay (also known as Vocas) sa session Rd. If you are an arts fan, magugustuhan mo mga places na yun. :)

    1. Never been there pa. Okay next time, you tour me! :)

  2. Hello, sunshine. I love your yellow pants. :)

    Anyway, I'm sad naman to hear that Baguio is no longer as nice as before. :( I plan to go there with my mom pa naman.

    1. Thanks sis. Yes, you better try other places like Palawan or Cebu! :)


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