Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Persona Waist Shaper Review

I used a cloth waist shaper after giving birth to my daughter (through c-section) almost 4 years ago as required by my OB Gyne. I was able to use it for about a month and the result was amazing. It helped me manage pain from my wounds plus trim down inches at the tummy area. I didn't know that there is better version of cloth waist shapers, though. I first heard about this rubberized waist shaper from one of my gym mates. The gym manager advised me to buy the same thing so I can trim down faster. I followed her tip that's why you saw this product included in my previous shopping haul. Wondering how to use and if it really works? Read my review.

I paid around P170 for this waist shaper. It is available at Mercury Drug. Take note, I saw an online store selling the same product for P360. Better go to any Mercury Drug store and ask for Persona if you need one.

It comes in colors red, blue, black, beige and mine here is gray. The front (gray) part is fabric while the inner (white) part is rubberized. The width of this waist shaper is 8 inches.. perfect for covering the entire tummy.

It is very easy to use. Wrap around your waist and press the velcro. Just be sure to pull tightly while the other end is in place. If it's too tight, adjust the velcro to loosen a bit.

This is how the waist shaper looks under my shirt. I was wearing a small shirt that's why it's pretty obvious. To conceal the waist shaper, wear a size medium shirt.

I honestly love this product so much. I used it while working out 3x in a row and it gave me a wonderful result. My waistline is now smaller by an inch. I know it is not too much to brag about but an inch for only a total of 3 hours of workout is BIG.

I like the fact that it helps me sweat unwanted fats not only in my waist area, but in my tummy area too.  The constant moisture produced by own body helps my lower back muscles to relax. I read from the packaging that Persona Waist Shaper is more effective to wear while exercising, doing household chores or any sport activities. It also says that the more you move, the greater the results it can give. I used Persona Waist Shaper at the gym while jogging, weight lifting, doing abcore, leg extensions, etc. I didn't remove it until I'm done with my routine.

Hope to lose more inches from my waist with the use of this product. Will update you next month. Ciao for now!

Disclaimer: This product review is not solicited nor paid. All comments are 100% mine.


  1. 1 inch? wow that's a great result actually! we have one too at home. i just dont know that it can fix waist line fast!

  2. I think I need this one too since I already have 2 kids and both through c-section. I may not be able to go workout on a regular basis but based on the amount of chores that I do I am hopeful that with Persona I'll be able to lose some of the fats that I gained during pregnancy.

    Thank you for sharing :)

  3. Wow... this sounds really promising. I bought something similar before but the skin around my tummy got irritated, but you gave me an idea. Perhaps I'll wear Spanx while working out. LOL

  4. Perfect to those who need to trim the belly area.

  5. I wonder if you can breathe normally with those on and do you sweat a lot around that area when you use it?

    One inch is one inch :)

  6. I've never ever tried wearing any waist shaping products, but I think I'll get one this weekend. I'm working out as well and hoping to lose a few inches off my waist. Hope this can also help me drop even an inch.. ^^

  7. I tried wearing a waist trimmer belt before, Everything went great and I'm very happy about the results. I bought my belt at (, It's kinda cheaper compared to other slimming belt that you can buy through online.


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