Friday, August 31, 2012

Pearl Jewelry Shopping

I believe Philippines is one of the primary producers of south sea pearls and freshwater pearls in the world. In fact, the largest pearl known as Pearl of Lao Tzu and the second largest pearl known as Palawan Princess were all found in the country. Plus, the hard to find golden pearls are mostly available only in the Philippines. These are the reasons why my husband and I love giving Philippine pearl jewelry as gift or souvenir to friends and relatives abroad. Just the other day, I went south sea pearl shopping at my favorite store in Metro Market Market. I also took photos with the permission of Aniah, the store owner whom I made friends with.

These are some of the handmade south sea pearl necklaces. They're the expensive ones because of their perfect shape and luster.

And these are the cheaper pearls with oval and ringed shapes (left) and button shape (right). I bought 3 bracelet and necklace sets in this classification.

These are the sets of loose south sea pearl earrings in white. Check the luster or the shine. A very lovely sight.. hmmm?

Strands after strands of freshwater pearls ready to be customized. Choices of colors are white, black, gray, blue, purple, pink, and peach.

This set is not made from south sea pearls. I really thought they're made from plastic or some synthetic material. I asked the store owner and she told me that they're from corals.

I was close to buying a necklace like this in the photo when I remember the divers in my province who used to take red corals. They are rare so they must be over-harvesting them.

Here is a bib necklace made from a combination of pearl and mother of pearls. Not my type 'cause it looks "costumey", but I am sure there are girls out there who will be able to pull this off in an outfit.

Now check those photo frames with Aniah together with Hilary Clinton on her first visit to the Philippines as US Secretary of State (right) and Clinton wearing a necklace from the same store (left). Yes, my suki also supplies pearl jewelry to government visitors. How cool is that?

JANIA Pearls & Semi-Precious Stones
Stall #147/83 G/F Gift Market Section
Metro Market Market, Fort Bonifacio
Taguig City, Philippines
Cel. No. 0921-995-8888/ 0920-466-6999
Tel. No. 359-5311


  1. Nice post! Hey, I have a question for you. If I went out shopping, how can I tell if I'm buying South Sea Pearl or Man made fresh water pearl?

  2. Pearl is very classic jewelry for most of clothes. I love wearing pearl jewelry with my outfit!


  3. Wow, those look gorgeous. I only have plastic ones :/

  4. If I can ask, what was the price of the south sea pearl necklace that you bought?

  5. If I can ask, what was the price of one of your south sea necklace? Thanks!

    1. Oh, sorry but the items I bought are not included in any of those photos. For south sea pearl prices, please contact the store owner.

  6. Wow, those are really lovely pearl necklaces! I don't own a pearl necklace yet, just a pair of pink pearl earrings which my aunt gifted me. Anyway, can I also ask how much does a round pearl necklace in white, and also in black cost? Thanks!


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