Monday, August 06, 2012

Health Update + Before Gym Profile

I am back to the gym for almost a month now! In case you don't know, I stopped working out since we moved to Shaw Boulevard over 1 and a half year ago. I gained weight and acquired muffin top and sausage arms, so I finally registered myself in a gym for health (and vanity) reasons. In the morning, after I drop my daughter at school, I go to a gym nearby to work out extra flabs. I normally finish 20 to 30 minutes of treadmill before I combine weights, abcore, leg extensions, etc. with the remaining 30 minutes. When I'm done with my routine, that's when I change and go back to my daughter's school to pick her up.

This photo, taken July 13, 2012, marked my 1st day being back to the gym. I told you, I got muffin top and sausage arms. Check my before gym profile below.

Age: 32
Height: 5'1.5"
Weight: 54 kilos or around 119 pounds
Waist: 31 inches

Yeah, just like most Filipinas out there, I have a rectangular or banana-shaped body. My smallest waist was in high school at 22 inches. I am not wishing to go back to that size, but I hope to be at least 26. I don't want to frustrate myself, so I still follow my cravings on cheat days and working my goal slowly.

Last weekend, I had a chance to get a free blood test from Easy Pha Max during our Family Day at Infinity Tutorial Services in BGC. The doctor who screened my blood revealed that I have cholesterol and also acidic. I was a bit alarmed because I really thought I was living a healthier life already. Upon self-check, I realized I've been eating a considerable amount of shrimp and seafood, egg and dairy products and fried foods in the past. Starting today, I am committing myself to a better eating habit. I am following the doctor's advice of taking wheatgrass, eating food that are rich in vitamin C, and taking at least 6 hours of sleep in a day. Plus, I will have more of steamed/ boiled food and fish, fruits and vegetables.

PS. I took 1 inch off my waistline after 3 weeks of workout and 3 days use of waist-shaper. Hooooray!!


  1. OMG. Keep it up, sis. I just started my weight loss/fitness plan as well.

  2. hi sis, I have the same dilemma...
    vanity aside, i try to lose weight to be healthy, takot magka diabetes :)
    I jog and use a waist-shaper too hehe
    best of luck from Jo


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