Saturday, August 25, 2012

Firmoo For Me!

I think I posted about looking for inexpensive but fashionable wayfarer sunglasses like 2 months ago. Guess what? I actually received a pair from Firmoo, a popular online eyeglasses store providing customers with high quality eyewear at the most affordable prices.

The packaging tells it all. Firmoo is a global online optical store. They deliver anywhere in the world. Check the website, order your Firmoo eyewear and see it for yourself.

It was a partly sunny day. We went to Trinoma for some shopping, carousel ride and some pizza. Pictured here with my daughter, I was wearing my Firmoo eyewear for the first time.

Firmoo completed my simple ensemble that day. Glad to see the sunshine and be back to summer outfits again after wearing a lot of cardigans and jackets in a series of stormy weeks.

Look at the little one. Cute candid shots, right? :) My outfit: Firmoo sunglasses, Forever 21 earrings, Pippa top, Fossil watch, jeans from SM Dept. Store, leather bag from Istanbul and Payless leopard flats.

Firmoo gave me the freedom to choose my kind of eyewear, so I picked a stylish wayfarer. Actually, it was very hard to choose because they have a lot of fashionable pieces that I liked.

I don't have a pointed nose, that's why my major concern when buying an eyewear is whether it will stay in place even I move a lot. Good thing Firmoo wayfarers don't slip down easily when worn.

Visit Firmoo if you wish to fix your vision or be fashionable in a frugal way. They have this special program wherein first-time buyers can get free eyewear. The process is easy. Just go to to know how!


  1. how cute! it looks great on you the case....cute nyong dalawa....:)

  2. Right, maganda yung lalagyan. The color is parang map talaga and there we can see the Philippines . Ok naman yung eyeglass but i prefer yung medyo light ang kulay^^

    1. I have another sunglasses in light color na so I chose this one nalang! :)


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