Monday, July 02, 2012

Treats and Gifts - Part 1

I just turned 32! Wow, my age is now out of the calendar. How is that possible? Why people need to get old? Haha... silly questions. I did not celebrate my birthday last year that's why I had to double the celebration this year even in a simple way. I ate out with a couple of new friends, cool mommies that I met from my daughter's pre-school, then I went malling with old friends from kinder to high school. We don't always get to see each other 'cause everyone is busy with career and family, so it was really fun seeing each other again.

With morning girls, Gel and Shervee, at Binalot in California Garden Square.

With my childhood friends Wewe, Dhez and my daughter after dining at Shangrila Mall.

With Renalyn and Dhez again with my daughter showing here kikay moves! :D

As for the gifts, hubby didn't know what to buy for me.
He gave me cash then off I went to Zara for this bag..

this pink top and that small perfume.

I also bought myself a new Avon brassiere, brow liner, lip liner and lipstick.

These are more of the gifts I received before my actual birthday..

Accessorize lace intimates..

and this silver Versus handbag.

I am not done yet. I have more birthday photos and stories to share. See you in Part 2! :)


  1. It seems that you look like your still in your 20's. You're still stunningly beautiful. Love all the great finds.=)

    1. thank you.. you are so sweet.. yes, i am still 25 at hear! :D

  2. Happy happy birthday, hot momma. All the best in life and love.

  3. Wow, happy burpday! I heard 30's is a great milestone, a woman feels more confident about herself.

    Will you model that lingerie on your next blog post? ;)


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