Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Student Dilemmas

I am currently enrolled with 4 subjects equivalent to 12 units in the University of Makati. My subjects under the Certificate in Teaching Program include Assessment of Student Learning, Curriculum Planning and Development, Educational Technology in the Learning Environment, and Foundation of Special Education. Aside from reports, thesis, case study, and other paperworks already assigned to me, I am also expecting my professors to give a test every after each module and a couple of examination (midterm and final) before the end of the semester.

Kodak moment while waiting for our professor in Assessment of Student's Learning.

As a returnee student, being transferred from the old Teacher Certificate Program (TCP) to Certificate in Teaching Program (CTP) under High School Teaching, I am still on the process of refreshing my mind with the knowledge I gained during my first semester at graduate school. I know myself and my academic potential, but my over 7 years of leave affected my memory.

I hope I can maintain that kind of smile towards the end of the semester. Haha.

Technically speaking, this semester is my last, so I will be having practicum or practice teaching next. My plan is to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers after graduation from TCP. That's the reason why I want to look for review centers where I can sharpen my knowledge on previously studied theories in education. I hope there are affordable online reviews out there, though. Perhaps an institution with teachers who can assists students in preparing for examinations, something like this gmat tutoring that they have in the United States.


  1. ayay! am proud of you sis...keep it up! you're gonna be the prettiest teacher in the block...hehhehe!


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