Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Staying Sober

I know I’ll be lying if I say that I never drunk anything alcoholic at a tender age. I first tried drinking in high school. As far as I can remember, it started with a bottle of gin shared with a couple of childhood friends at my grandparent’s house while they were away. It was a stupid move, but I was young and pressured by my peers. As an adult, at least I already learned that drinking, as well as smoking, is not my thing. Alcohol is not good and it can only make me feel sick.

The last time I drank was 5 months ago. That time, I didn't even get to finish a shot of kamikaze! :)

I must be lucky to have a husband who drinks occasionally and only consumes alcohol when meeting old friends (which happens once in a blue moon). During our first 3 years, we used to frequent Greenbelt in Makati to drink and party till dawn. We would hang at Havana’s while listening to music, beer for him and pina colada for me. After the baby, we stopped the old habit and focused on parenting and earning a living together.

Quitting drinking can be very hard for other people. My father was a habitual drinker until he passed away, same with another relative who couldn’t have a baby due to excessive drinking. I believe though, that there are no excuses to those who REALLY want to quit. Nowadays, there are centers for those who are willing to abandon alcoholic addiction. So my piece of advice to friends who are struggling to quit, don't be afraid to look for help, ask a doctor or dial a support group. Stay sober to a longer life!


  1. yes, quitting in any vice is possible for as long as the person's heart is into it 100%

  2. I've never been a fan of alcohol and I'm glad for that. I've seen friends who gets drunk and would do crazy things and I can't help but pity them. I don't see it as something "fun" as what they'd claim it. Occasional drinking is fine... the key is self-control. I have relatives who suffer )and suffered) from liver problems due to excessive alcohol drinking. I'm glad my father learned his lesson from this and quit drinking a long time ago :-)

  3. because of this post I suddenly remember my first taste of alcohol :D hay, college life, bonding with friends but not to the point of getting drunk :)

  4. Ito naman ang bisyong diko matutunan.I always have bad experience kasi pag nalalasing,nagsusuka ang stuff so I prefer smoking which I think is far worse naman in terms of health implications.hehe


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