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Thursday, July 12, 2012

iPanema Rio de Janeiro

Except for hubby's present, this is the best gift I received last month on my birthday. A friend with a generous heart gave this to me (you know who you are).. thank you SO MUCH! Well, I know I have to accept anything no matter how big or small, right? Just like they always say, it is the thought that counts. But, I just loooooooove iPanema. So tell me, how can I avoid making this gift my favorite?!

iPanema mesh tote bag with lots of goodies inside. I can reuse this bag for shopping and going to the beach. I love the fact that it is black. Hubby won't hesitate to use it as well.

Here are the contents: iPanema RJ towel, for him and for her iPanema RJ flip flops by Oskar Metsavaht, and iPanema travel book. Yay yay yay.. fabulous!!!

The other pair is a size 43/44 and it is for men, so I am giving it to hubby. This one is size 37 and it's for women.. my newest addition to my collection. I used it a number of times already and as expected, it is the most comfortable ever! You can buy other branded flip-flops or slippers out there, but only iPanema is the best when it comes to design, quality, and most specially, comfort.


  1. nice gifts! true, i like iPanema better than Havianas :)

  2. I love IPANEMA too. I especially dig Giselle Bundchen's line cuz of the designs and colors.

  3. the designs are so graphically cute! and belated happy birthday by the way :) i hope you had a good one


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