Tuesday, July 31, 2012

August Covers

I am yet to finish reading a couple of magazines in my rack, so I felt bad when I saw some of the August issues at a bookstore yesterday. I know I have to be done with the old issue before buying a new one. My busy schedule prevents me from reading magazines these days. Instead of reading a magazine, I review my school report or draft something in Powerpoint. Anyhow, I will get a copy of at least one these later. Help me decide which one to get.

Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Montes, Bea Alonzo, and Kim Chiu for Metro August 2012 issue.
Kim Chiu is looking great on this cover. Her dress is a total winner.

Bea Alonzo with the Olympic theme for MEGA August 2012 issue.
The armor mini dress is fierce. I just don't like its lower detail.

Julia Montes in a sheer and sequin dress for Preview.
Teens.. teens! Good thing her arms are folded like that.

Angelica Panganiban for Meg August issue.
This magazine is for teenagers, right? Julia and Angelica should switch covers.

Angelica Panganiban again, looking slimmer for Cosmopolitan.
For real or photoshopped? Your guess is as good as mine! :)

I seldom post FHM covers but I din't recognize G. Tongi for FHM.
I thought I should share my thoughts here cos I honestly mistaken her as Divine Lee.

Now tell me about your favorite cover this month. Comment on!


  1. Oh, she looks different here, I mean the magazine with G. Tongi on the cover..

    Also, I never recognized Angelica P in the two covers..
    Get the FHM! I used to collect Cosmopolitan before but left those when we moved to another house while some were drown sa Ondoy flood :)

    1. I don't normally buy FHM sis. No FHM mag can be found in my rack. Hehe.

  2. My bad I mistook G for Anne Curtis.

    1. Oh yes! She looks slightly like Anne Curtis too! :/

  3. i really like cosmo or preview for having informative articles! if you're the type like me who reads magazine for articles, then i have to say prioritize on buying either one of those :)

    1. The most number of my magazines is Cosmo. Second to it is Preview. But this month, I am torn between Metro, Mega and Preview. Let's see which magazine wins this weekend as I drop by National Bookstore. Haha.

  4. Angelica doesn't look like Angelica on Meg cover.


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