Tuesday, July 31, 2012

August Covers

I am yet to finish reading a couple of magazines in my rack, so I felt bad when I saw some of the August issues at a bookstore yesterday. I know I have to be done with the old issue before buying a new one. My busy schedule prevents me from reading magazines these days. Instead of reading a magazine, I review my school report or draft something in Powerpoint. Anyhow, I will get a copy of at least one these later. Help me decide which one to get.

Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Montes, Bea Alonzo, and Kim Chiu for Metro August 2012 issue.
Kim Chiu is looking great on this cover. Her dress is a total winner.

Bea Alonzo with the Olympic theme for MEGA August 2012 issue.
The armor mini dress is fierce. I just don't like its lower detail.

Julia Montes in a sheer and sequin dress for Preview.
Teens.. teens! Good thing her arms are folded like that.

Angelica Panganiban for Meg August issue.
This magazine is for teenagers, right? Julia and Angelica should switch covers.

Angelica Panganiban again, looking slimmer for Cosmopolitan.
For real or photoshopped? Your guess is as good as mine! :)

I seldom post FHM covers but I din't recognize G. Tongi for FHM.
I thought I should share my thoughts here cos I honestly mistaken her as Divine Lee.

Now tell me about your favorite cover this month. Comment on!

Monday, July 30, 2012

K-Pop Style x SM Kids Fashion

So, you love dressing up your child like her favorite K-Pop star? Pink t-shirt paired with a yellow skirt over blue leggings, hair a bun, yellow star dangling earrings, purple jelly watch, and silver gray sneakers. Do you know the latest news about this style? SM Kids Fashion just introduced their K-Pop-inspired collections. Bring your child to the nearest SM Department Store and feel free to bring out your child's personal style by allowing her (or him) pick items from brands like Hello Kitty, Barbie, Dora, Mickey Mouse, Garfield, etc.

SM Toon Fest blends its beloved characters with the freewheeling energy of K-Pop to bring you an amazing collection of kid’s fashion. Let your kids’ inner superstars shine with fun-loving apparel from SM Toon Fest!

SM Toon Fest is also holding a search for its K-Pop Rising Star, showcasing the new collections. If you think your child has a talent in singing, dancing and lip-synching, then this invitation is for you.

Boys, girls and groups aged 2-14 are all welcome. Enter the contest for a chance to win the P100,000 grand prize.

For more details, visit Rising Stars Asia and SM Kids Fashion in Facebook.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

OOTD: Graduate Student

It's a sunny weekend at last! I wanna watch a movie with my family, but too bad I have school later. Will be meeting my college friends after class, too. While I have a few minutes to spare, I just thought I'll post a short update in this blog. I am sharing my outfit to school last Monday. I had to dress like a "real teacher" because it was my turn to report. Well, at least I get to practice modest dressing again during days like that. I mean, I am almost always modest, but this one is like more modest. I love it!

I tried to dress appropriately for the class. What I wore: Forever 21 top, jacket from Surplus Store, skirt from Landmark, Zara bag, and cap toe shoes from Parisian by SM. A better shot of the shoes HERE.

I also wore a little makeup. Avon for my brows and lips and Maybelline for my cheeks. Sorry, no closer shot of myself and the photo doesn't give enough justice to it.

With my classmates under (the subject) Assessment of Student's Learning. We're like from early 20s to late 40s. Indeed, age doesn't matter when it comes to education huh.

Second from the left is our teacher. I took this photo. Huhuhu. Where is manong guard? :/

Till my next post ladies. Gotta run now!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Staying Sober

I know I’ll be lying if I say that I never drunk anything alcoholic at a tender age. I first tried drinking in high school. As far as I can remember, it started with a bottle of gin shared with a couple of childhood friends at my grandparent’s house while they were away. It was a stupid move, but I was young and pressured by my peers. As an adult, at least I already learned that drinking, as well as smoking, is not my thing. Alcohol is not good and it can only make me feel sick.

The last time I drank was 5 months ago. That time, I didn't even get to finish a shot of kamikaze! :)

I must be lucky to have a husband who drinks occasionally and only consumes alcohol when meeting old friends (which happens once in a blue moon). During our first 3 years, we used to frequent Greenbelt in Makati to drink and party till dawn. We would hang at Havana’s while listening to music, beer for him and pina colada for me. After the baby, we stopped the old habit and focused on parenting and earning a living together.

Quitting drinking can be very hard for other people. My father was a habitual drinker until he passed away, same with another relative who couldn’t have a baby due to excessive drinking. I believe though, that there are no excuses to those who REALLY want to quit. Nowadays, there are centers for those who are willing to abandon alcoholic addiction. So my piece of advice to friends who are struggling to quit, don't be afraid to look for help, ask a doctor or dial a support group. Stay sober to a longer life!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

OOTD: Mom Fashionista

Hey hey hey! It's been a while since my last outfit post. Ufff sorry.. I have been very busy. Thanks God I'm done with my first report at school yesterday. Now I have time to blog before I start preparing again for my 2nd report next week. Weee.. carpie diem!

I love this beautiful white enamel bib necklace from Accents Fashion Accessories. It is looking so grand and perfect for any outfit from plain tops to floral ensembles. I purchased this item in a regular price, but I consider it a good deal because its price was cheaper. I checked other stores online selling exactly the same item. Believe me, Accents offers a better price with free shipping!

What I wore to SM's Toon Fest last week: Natasha wedge shoes (which I later changed into my leopard flats from Payless), orange maxi skirt from SM Ladies' Fashion, top and bag from Zara, and Accents bib necklace.

With fellow blogger Michelle at Makati Shangri-la. Isn't she gorgeous? Sorry guys, she's already taken. By the way, this hot momma is photographer too. If you need any photo services, email me so I can send you her details.

With the rest of my blogger friends. From left to right: Bedalyn, Jenny, Earth, me and my little one.

PS. I just wanna add. Whoever you are and whatever bad things people say about you, as long as you don't harm me and you consider me as a friend, then I'll definitely return the favor. Life is too short to focus on hating. Peace out!!!

PPS. I know I love style but am not REALLY a fashionista. It's just that fellow bloggers complimented my looks and called me a fashionista that day. Hence, I thought about putting the title of this post  "mom fashionista".

Monday, July 16, 2012

Haul + Gift + Prizes

Hi there! I felt like it's been a week already since my last update. Have you checked who won my Firmoo Giveaway or Accent Fashion Accessories Giveaway? Sorry for posting it late, but I feel a little sick these days. I skipped the gym to rest half the day so that I could attend my graduate class tonight. I hope it doesn't rain. When I'm sick, I also feel lazy. Anyway, here is a blog filler.. my latest haul. I also included gifts and prizes.

Orange maxi skirt from SM Ladies' Fashion. Click HERE for the runway photo.
I bought this skirt for our trip to Vigan. Too bad we missed our flight. Sob*

Pink maxi dress from SM Ladies' Fashion. This was on sale. Yay!
I will share more about this dress on a SALE FIND post later. Watch out!!

NYX in Chloe LSS 521 shade. I gifted this to Joy M. on her birthday.
I bought it from a friend who sells imported products online. Visit her FB store HERE.

Some toiletries to add to my essentials: Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Sensual Shimmer Body Mist, Bath & Body Bliss Hand and Body Lotion, and Listerine.

Books from National Bookstore and Rex Bookstore.. Measurement and Evaluation, Introduction to SPED, and Educational Technology I. I really hope these books will help me with my reports.

So happy with these sexy undies I bought from Surplus Store in SM Makati.
Terranova boy shorts in gray and lemon yellow for P169 each. Awesome right?

I needed this. Something to add to my workout wardrobe.
At least I have another jogging pants to mix and match.

Also bought this for the gym. I have a similar looking shirt in same color.
Ufff, I just can't stop myself from buying cute pink stuff.

Gold bib necklace with white enamel detail from Accents Fashion Accessories.
I saw the same accessory at the mall, but more expensive than Accents offer.

These rings is from Accents Fashion Accessories too. Cute noh?
Will incorporate them in one of my outfit post one of these days.

And, Sis Maritess sent me this Secosana tote bag as a birthday gift. Thanks a lot dear! :)
I already have a brown leather bag for school so I guess I'll keep this for the meantime.

Lastly, these are my loot from winning The Purple Doll's Giveaway.
Breakfast Magazine with Iza Calzado on the cover and 5 Cadbury chocolates.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

iPanema Rio de Janeiro

Except for hubby's present, this is the best gift I received last month on my birthday. A friend with a generous heart gave this to me (you know who you are).. thank you SO MUCH! Well, I know I have to accept anything no matter how big or small, right? Just like they always say, it is the thought that counts. But, I just loooooooove iPanema. So tell me, how can I avoid making this gift my favorite?!

iPanema mesh tote bag with lots of goodies inside. I can reuse this bag for shopping and going to the beach. I love the fact that it is black. Hubby won't hesitate to use it as well.

Here are the contents: iPanema RJ towel, for him and for her iPanema RJ flip flops by Oskar Metsavaht, and iPanema travel book. Yay yay yay.. fabulous!!!

The other pair is a size 43/44 and it is for men, so I am giving it to hubby. This one is size 37 and it's for women.. my newest addition to my collection. I used it a number of times already and as expected, it is the most comfortable ever! You can buy other branded flip-flops or slippers out there, but only iPanema is the best when it comes to design, quality, and most specially, comfort.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Student Dilemmas

I am currently enrolled with 4 subjects equivalent to 12 units in the University of Makati. My subjects under the Certificate in Teaching Program include Assessment of Student Learning, Curriculum Planning and Development, Educational Technology in the Learning Environment, and Foundation of Special Education. Aside from reports, thesis, case study, and other paperworks already assigned to me, I am also expecting my professors to give a test every after each module and a couple of examination (midterm and final) before the end of the semester.

Kodak moment while waiting for our professor in Assessment of Student's Learning.

As a returnee student, being transferred from the old Teacher Certificate Program (TCP) to Certificate in Teaching Program (CTP) under High School Teaching, I am still on the process of refreshing my mind with the knowledge I gained during my first semester at graduate school. I know myself and my academic potential, but my over 7 years of leave affected my memory.

I hope I can maintain that kind of smile towards the end of the semester. Haha.

Technically speaking, this semester is my last, so I will be having practicum or practice teaching next. My plan is to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers after graduation from TCP. That's the reason why I want to look for review centers where I can sharpen my knowledge on previously studied theories in education. I hope there are affordable online reviews out there, though. Perhaps an institution with teachers who can assists students in preparing for examinations, something like this gmat tutoring that they have in the United States.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Super Cheap Flats

Check this new discovery of mine, any 2 Soulmate ballerina flats for P399.75 at SM Department Store! Saw this while shopping for my family last Thursday. I was very much tempted to get myself a couple of pair, but shoes was not my priority that day. Besides, I my leopard bow flats are still new and my Zara flats are still usable. If they re-stock new designs next season, then I'll probably buy that time.

Currently, they have flats that carries spring-inspired designs called Blooming.

They're available in lots of different colors, but I love these pink floral ones the most.

I also like this pair in olive green color. Almost got them any 2 for only P399.75.

My niece was eyeing for these. She bought pink flats the previous month in a higher price, so I could just imagine her disappointment looking at the whole new collection!

Looking for inexpensive stylish ballerina flats? Proceed to SM (Megamall) now! :)

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Treats and Gifts - Part 2

Hello ladies! I can't believe I am actually posting something this today. I was supposed to be on a weekend getaway to Laoag and Vigan, but I missed my plane for the first time ever. How? Uh.. that's going to be a long story so let us just proceed to the part 2 of my birthday celebration from last month. Here we go!!!

It was a pink party. I instructed my guests to come in pink.
Clockwise from L to R: Honey, me, Jing, Nora, Bedz, Joy, Lyn, Askim, and Jen.

The little one also dressed in pink for momma's birthday.
She was holding a bath sponge (gift from Jen) in the photo.

I prepared a variety of snacks, fruits and drinks.
Plus, Jing and Jen bought me a yummy Red Ribbon cake.

This one turned out to be the crowd's favorite.. my pink gelatine!
The original recipe for this pink treat is courtesy of my Auntie Jo. Thanks to her!

A cowgirl friend from Arkansas came make habol to my party, too.
We missed you Jes. Hope one day we'll really see you again in one of our parties.

Then the sweet Miss Cel and her fiance arrived. Nice meeting you Leo and
thank you so much Miss Cel. I love your gifts to bits!

More photos from the party. I grabbed these from Arnold, Honey's hubby, and Bedz.
Sorry I had to turn them into a collage to make this post lighter.

If there is pink party, there should be pink treats too, right?
Here are the lootbags, strawberry Champola, pink mallows and strawberry pretzels.

And the gifts I received that day: New You Magazine from Joy, card and bag holder from Hon,
dotted top and perfume from Jing and Jen, then notebook, Parker pen and a small card from Bedz.

I gave out a popcorn maker for the earliest bird to arrive at the party.
Honey won the prize for coming 3 hours ahead. Wow, a record to beat! Haha!!

To you my fabulous pink friends, thank you all so much. You know that day was FUN. I laughed a lot, shared stories and jokes with you ladies. There was a little drama too, but the bottomline was all fun. Hope to party this hard again next time. Thanks for being your friend. Love you all. Muah muah muah!!!

Note: Link to part 1 is HERE.