Thursday, June 28, 2012

School is Cool

I finished my college degree at the University of Makati, formerly known as Pamantasan ng Makati, located in West Rembo, Makati City. This year, I'm enrolled again at the same university to finish Certificate in Teaching. I could've enrolled in a different school, but I didn't want to waste the 12 units I took in 2004. Thanks to the good dean of College of Arts, Sciences and Education. I need 12 more units plus practicum then I'm done with the Teacher Certificate Program!

The Health and Physical Science Building. This is where I attend all my classes.

A shot from inside the building with the view of a university shuttle bus.

The "B" sign. You think it's "B" for Binay? No, it "B" for bayan they say.

My classes are usually at the 5th and 6th levels, but no, I am not a nursing student! :)

The manong guard's corner. Looks like a front desk of a certain hotel huh?

We use these stairs if the elevators are too crowded.

First day of class. Students wait at the hallway of the 5th floor.

Let's check the washroom. Oh look, it's so clean!

It's a new building so everything is white and tidy.

It feels like home. Wish all public toilets are as clean as this.

No littering please. Put your trash in the trash bin.

What I wore for the first day of school: Zara flats, leather bag from Istanbul, Miley Cyrus wetlook leggings, Guess watch and checkered button down from Surplus Store.

Spotted my favorite cousin at the 5th floor. She's taking up Psychology at the same university.

So why go to school again? Why take Certificate in Teaching? Honestly, I've done tutoring abroad, teaching in an a private school here in Manila and teaching to foreign students online all in a span of almost 5 years. With my experience, I think I can get employed easily again if I want to. However, I also believe that teaching is better if you have more knowledge in line with your expertise. May God help me because after taking up CT, I am planning to move to the next level, which is, of course, getting a master's degree.

That's it for tonight. I am not sure I can blog again soon. I will be busy working on my case study, journal, report, and other school work from now on. Till next time!


  1. Cool, estudyante blues once again! I'm going back too, but in a skills training school come July 9.

  2. nice, so happy for you. how cool if may teacher kang blogger! hehe. I went to a public school in Makati, and talagang malinis! Haha, so nanibago nga ako nung lumipat ako sa ibang public school.

  3. Congratulations! I want to earn teaching units, too. I hope I can get that in the future :)

  4. whao cook jinke...u rock...teaching , blogging, parenting, what not hah....kuddos....keep going !!

  5. wow...i always wanted to go back to school pero wala pang time as of now, sana in the future eh makapabalik ako sa School to get my MBA naman...

    visiting from GT.

  6. Napakaganda namn ng University na yan ang ang linis! Parang hotel! Goodluck!

  7. Uiversity of Makati has one of the best football field in the country, I watched Azkals game ad UFL on TV. Wow, it's more beautiful pala inside. I hope maka-visit din ako and watch the game live!
    btw, linked you up sis, hihi. acting up kasi ang pc kagabi, naayos na kaya lang there's a prob ata with the connection. I had a hard time publishing and it went straight to my published page at diko pa na-edit. thanks sis, it was a woderful celebration! love, love when we're all together. :)

  8. hi may i know po schedule every saturdays lng po ba, thanks

    1. Hi! The schedule for graduate students change everytime. You need to personally inquire at the university. Good luck! :)

  9. Hi! i'm Vincent. Thanks for this very informative post. i just want to ask if how long will take to finish this certificate? And is practicum a requirement to earn the certificate? Thanks!

    1. Hi! Two years is enough to finish the course. And yes, practicum is required.

    2. I'm thinking of enrolling in this course but it takes so much time to be finished. Do you have any idea how much is the tuition fee for Non-Makati residents?

    3. Hi! Tuition fee is minimal. As far as I know, more or less 5,000 for non-Makati residents.


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