Friday, June 01, 2012

Getting the Sportswear Trend Right This Summer

With the Olympic Games coming to London this summer, the sporting look is very much in. From the catwalks to the high street, sportswear has hijacked the world of fashion – be it casual or formal wear.

Playing it safe when it comes to sportswear is certainly advised. Tracksuits are a tricky subject in the world of fashion, and it doesn’t take much to slip up and make a vital error by donning the wrong sporting gear. Here are a few top tips for getting sportswear right this season.

Stick with the classic brands

Branding is an important aspect of sportswear. There are a number of brands which have recently re-affirmed their place in the fashion world. Most notable among these is Fred Perry, whose polo shirts, in particular, have been reinvented as style classic.

Stay clear of high street imitations. You will find them to be sub-par when it comes to both quality and style. It’s worth shelling out that extra bit to go for the classic brands which have served sportswear so well for many years.

Distinguish between sports and style

However stylish your gym kit might be this summer, it’s important to match the outfits you wear to the specific activity you are carrying out. And regardless of how trendy sportswear may be this season, there’s no cause to get caught in your sweaty tracksuit anywhere other than your local gym.

Practical trainers should be left for your training regime. Whilst it’s likely that you’ll see an increase in casual sportswear in bars, pubs and other social hangouts, don’t expect to be let in to a local club with a pair of running shoes on your feet.

Don’t forego accessories

Whilst you wouldn’t wear accessories if you were to head to the gym, it’s important that you don’t forget them in your outfits this summer. The distinction between style and utility lies in the accessories, and they are as important a part of a sporting outfit this summer as they would be any other outfit. The inclusion of accessories is the best way to show people that you are on top of your style – not getting back from a ten mile run!

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