Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Garnier Pure Active: Working Wonders for Blemishes and Acne Marks

I think I am absolutely lucky to have a pimple-free face. Glad that I didn't have to follow crazy home remedies that some of my friends suggest to do just to get rid of zits. You know I seldom get a pimple, but whenever I have one, I just need to be very careful to avoid infection. In the past, I experienced having an infected pimple on my nose—  twice! They were red, swollen and didn't heal until almost a month. It's already almost 5 years since my last huge pimple problem, though. These days, I only get skin blemishes from hubby's kissing. His mustache and beard irritate my skin. I get a rash or two every time his unshaven face touches mine.

Me in 2007 with an infected pimple on my nose and some blemishes.

Okay, enough of my story 'cause I'm actually writing this post to help some you ladies who might be suffering from a pimple problem or blemishes too. Good news that the world-trusted beauty brand Garnier is here. Introducing.. Garnier's newest line—Pure Active—a more reliable solution for fighting the six skin problems of most Filipinos which include pimples, whiteheads, oiliness, impurities, enlarged pores and unevenness. Garnier Pure Active is made up of two products: the Multi-Action Scrub and the Cooling Pimple Roll-On.

The Cooling Pimple Roll-On..

The Multi-Action Scrub..

The line's active ingredients include Salicylic Maximum Concentration at 2%, a powerful anti-bacterial ingredient with oil control and pore clearing properties; and Natural HerbaRepair™, a natural extract that repairs and regenerates the skin to prevent scarring—a better way to fix zit problems than using crazy pimple remedies.

Model and TV host Georgina Wilson, a Garnier advocate, helps educate more Filipinos on the importance of following a skin care regimen the proper way.

“Look at it this way: your skin is your first layer of presentation. Would you want that layer treated with a shady substance? Of course not! Resorting to the use of weird home remedies is like a zit-fest waiting to happen. It only shows people that you don’t care about your face. Because let’s face it, looking good matters. Having a healthy skin matters. You won’t attract opportunities if you don’t care about how you look.”

“Using calamansi is like putting condiments on your face. And obviously, toothpaste is meant for dental purposes—something I overlooked when people told me to use it in the past. It’s embarrassing! And lipstick! Lipstick is for the lips, not for pimples! It’s just plain crazy. I have no idea where people got it from!” says Georgina. “I cannot stress enough how important it is to use the right product for your skin. Trust me on this; using skin products specially formulated to fight blemishes is the right thing to do. After all, once it’s your skin that’s on the line, you wouldn’t want it taken for granted, right?”

“Whether you’re about to meet a hot date or have a fun night-out with your girls, next time you’re bothered by a pimple, don’t be a hot mess, use Garnier Pure Active—It’s way better than using crazy pimple solutions!”

-Georgina Wilson-

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  1. I hope they're safe for pregnant women!

  2. I am actually having a pimple break out right now and am planning on getting the pimple roll on.

  3. i got curious with the pimple roll on. i hope it works fast :D

  4. You are one lucky woman. I envy you. I struggle day by day to avoid zits. :(

  5. I use the wash too.I like it.

    It has 2% salicylic acid pala. Hinahanap ko sa packaging kung ilang percent e. Parang di nila nalagay.


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