Friday, April 20, 2012

Tyra Banks in a Rajo Laurel Gown

Big cheers for Rajo Laurel! Tyra Banks posted this photo of her wearing a graphic print dress by the famous Filipino designer at her Facebook page yesterday. First it was Michael Cinco who dressed the girls of American's Next Top Model shown on episode 8 of Cycle 16. Next, Oliver Tolentino dressed 7 out of 13 girls of ANTM All Stars. Now, it is Rajo Laurel's dazzling moment 'cause it is Tyra Banks herself wearing a Filipino creation. Bongga talaga!!!

Rajo Laurel wrote on his blog and I quote, "I just saw TYRA BANKS in my GOWN! I am shaking like a leaf as I type this as this feels like a dream! It’s almost surreal! I mean, I just watch the woman on TV and now SHE IS WEARING MY WORK! I am so grateful to my cousin Mike Carandang for pushing me and urging me and making all this happen! I am so very very very very grateful!"

He also wrote, "I think she wore this to one of the final episodes of the latestAmerica’s Next Top Model!  The one where the British girls invade America! I just want to share this with all of you as this is so AMAZING! I am so happy for my team as we really work hard to make Philippine Fashion world class! THANK YOU TYRA!!!"

Isn't that amazing? To hear about a Filipino designer taking Hollywood? Way to go Rajo and all Filipino designers who are remarkable, unique and humble! Continue making your fellow Filipinos proud of you!! Cheers!!!

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  1. Wow, this is such a great news! :D Kudos to our Filipino designers making it big internationally! Now, I can't wait to watch the ANTM episode where Tyra wore this Rajo Laurel gown! :D

  2. wow! good job to rajo! Can't wait to see americ's next top model. i guess, tyra has soft spot fro filipino designer.

  3. Rajo Laurel is simply remarkable! The dress on Tyra is simply one to love! Wish I had her body and height..hehe! Hello from Budget Biyahera/Sinigang Junkie, Mrs. Kolca. =)

  4. I was so happy to see this picture too. It makes me realize how far we are reaching. :)

  5. OMG! this is so great! and i also want to say that Tyra..damn girl u look fierce in the gown, and i love the gown design! i want to watch ANTM <3

  6. i saw this on the news and i can't help but feel happy about designers having recognition on the international scene. the gown itself is gorgeous!


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