Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Magnum Ice Cream TV Commercial

I first heard about Magnum Ice Cream coming to the country through social networking sites. Up to now, I have not seen a Magnum Ice Cream commercial on Philippine TV yet. I think it's just amazing that even no one sees it on TV, the signature ice cream is already gaining that much of popularity here in Manila. I just don't know about other cities like Cebu or Baguio.

Last year, while on summer vacation in Istanbul where channels are mostly in Turkish (just two or three in English) one of my favorite TVC was this Magnum Temptation Fruit. I thought, the girl giving up a party in that beautiful penthouse for a taste of vanilla ice cream with fruits, chocolate chunks & cranberry pieces all covered in yummy milk chocolate is cute. By the way in Turkey, Magnum Ice Cream is under the brand called Algida. Like Selecta, it also carries the heartbrand logo.

Another Magnum Ice Cream TVC that Turkish people like a lot was this one with Josh Holloway of Lost which was shot in Turkey too. This is even cuter than the TVC from last summer. The lady in red, carrying lots of shopping bags saw a bucket full of Magnum Ice Cream being carried to a limousine. She thought of having an ice cream too but to her surprise, the refrigerator at the nearby store was already empty, then the drama begins.

Watch the TVC yourself and you'll like it! :)


  1. hey, so what do you think about Magnum ice cream itself? I was about to make a blog on this but opted not to because I was too afraid it might just invite ill remarks from people.

  2. magnum ice cream is my favourite!!!! spring na dito so we just start to eat ice cream again :)

    take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  3. despite the fact that it seems to be a little overrated, I have to admit that Magnum is totally a pleasure eating. And the commercials are classy! :)

  4. not a fan of magnum, but definitely a fan of their marketing strategy --- through social networking. very postmodern, pure genius.

  5. Magnus really is a classic ice cream in Sweden. I think it's fun that it has different names in different countries :D

  6. I still do not get the Magnum hype... but their marketing strategy is ingenious.


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