Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chick Flick Shopping

When you say chick flick, what comes to your mind? Let me guess, you can only think of those romantic movies right? As for me, shopping comes to my mind (right away) whenever I hear that word. Why shopping you ask? Because that's the name of my newly discovered online store.. it's called Chick Flick.

pink chain bracelet P150

pink fringe flower necklace P280

pink bandeau swimsuit P750

pink leopard booties P1680

pink single button blazer P580

Chick Flick pieces are so cute and fashionable right? Check ChickFlickCollection.Multiply.Com to see more items like accessories and clothes. I am sure there's something for you there.

Note: Chick Flick allows free delivery in the Philippines alone. They accept credit card, BDO, BPI, GCASH, and PayPal fund as payment.

Happy shopping!


  1. That's a great word for it, I'm definitely a chick flick shopper then ;)

  2. These are some cool finds, sis!

    I followed you. I hope you'll follow me back! :D

  3. This is a cool find sis!

    I followed you. I hope you'll follow me back! :D

  4. Good stuff! Loving your swimsuit and blazer! Will definitely visit Chick Flick's collection! :)

  5. I especially love the blazer and affordable too! I'm gonna check out their site now!

  6. nice stuffs! well, I just dont know that there is Chick Flick accessories store.. hahaha but great stuffs then, I will check the site later, and thanks!

  7. Pink! Gaaah! Naloka ako. I'm such a sucker for pink stuff! :D

  8. oohhh! i love pink.
    and the shoes! *drool*

  9. it's so obvious you love pink, sis. i originally thought of movies din.

    RC Gweniful

  10. Fashionable...
    Colorful and
    Chick Flick for those cool chicks.


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