Monday, April 02, 2012

Carmen Rose

Warning: this is a random lipstick review. I am currently experimenting on 5 new lippies and this is just one of them. I already confessed a lot of times that I am no good when it comes to makeup. These days, I am learning how to put on a lipstick properly. My target is to be able to apply lipstick and make myself a "little close" to those I see in magazines. Wish me luck!

This is new from Avon, the Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick.
I got this for less than P300. It comes with 9 pretty rosy shades.

This shade is called Carmen Rose. I like it. Not glittery and no marble.
Next time, I will also try Royal Celebration Rose and Jubilee Rose shades.

To achieve this look, I first applied a lip gloss, covered it with Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick in Carmen Rose, then spread the color evenly using a lipstick brush.

Acckk.. mumu face? Hahaha! I played with my camera setting and shot in snow mode. Anyway, I love the end result of this experiment. I think I am going to use this lipstick for "girly-girly " days from now on.


  1. I love Avon products and that shade of lipstick is great on you - very bright and striking :)

    Have a great week!

  2. i gave one to my sis and she loves it

  3. red lips make a woman sexy and you rocked those red lips!! :D

    1. thanks dear.. do you have any suggestions for a nicer red lippy? :)

  4. love the color sis! :) will check that line from avon :)

  5. Replies
    1. glad you liked it.. will always use this from now on :))

  6. My sister love this shade, love shade on you, simple and sexy.

  7. i saw this shade in my sister kikay kit....hehehe, mange-alam daw ako ng kikay kit ng kapatid ko....checking lang, kung may ma-aarbor.


  8. wow! I like it sis..bagay na bagay...luscious!

    d ako mahilig sa lipstick eh...I look like a gay when I put one!

  9. Loving that red shade from Avon! There's so much to choose from this brand :)


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