Thursday, March 22, 2012

Preschools in Mandaluyong

Most of my daughter's friends already go to school. She sees them in a uniform, black shoes, white socks, and ID and she's like, "I want to go to school too, Mama!" She used to attend a playschool for 2 hours Monday to Friday when she was 2 years old. She got tired of it, so I just have to make her stop. Now that I think she's ready, showing excitement about school, it's time to look for a preschool around the area.

Precious Partners Learning & Tutorial Center
#167 Lopez-Rizal Street, Brgy.
Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City
Tel. No. 7183895

Precious Partners accept kids from 2 to 6.5 years old for a preschooler. They also have grade-schoolers from 6.6 to 12.5 years old. Tuition starts from P21,000 to 29,500 depending on the mode of payment, uniforms, books, field trip, etc. not included.

Things that I like about this school:
-They have a small outdoor playground.
-Near our place though school bus is available.
-Student-teacher ratio is 15:1.

Things that I don't like about this school: 

-No enough space for kids at the playground.
-The school's indoor stage has a limited space too.
-Rooms are dark, small and no windows.
-The school uniform doesn't look nice.

Integrated Montessori Center - Mandaluyong Branch
California Gardens, Burbank Bldg.
Libertad St. Mandaluyong City
Tel. No. 7030063

IMC has 6 branches in NCR and this is said to be the newest. They currently accept kids from 3 to 6 years old only. Tuition starts from P50,712 to P54,769 with uniforms, books, field trip, etc. excluded.

Things that I like about this school:
-It has a large space.
-Outdoor school stage.
-Rooms are well-lit.
-Safe school surrounding.
-The school has its own guard.

Things that I don't like about this school:
-The playground is bare.
-Uniform is jumper style.
-No school bus available.
-The stage is directly under the sun.

Kiddo Academy
2nd floor GA Tower 1
EDSA Boni, Mandaluyong City
Tel. No. 7471383 / 7190773

They accept kids from 1.6 to 6.6 years old. Tuition starts at P48,942 to P66,385 depending on the child's level and payment scheme. Books, school supplies and learning trips not included.

Things that I like about this school:
-Student-teacher ratio is 15:1. 

-Location is safe.
-They offer a free summer class.
-Very cute school uniform.

Things that I don't like about this school:
-The rooms are small and dim.
-There's too much traffic going there.
-The playroom lacks toys and other equipment.
-Expensive tuition fee. I'd rather send my daughter to either HE Montessori or IMC with that price.

Angel's Institute of Learning
#458 Malaya Street, Plainview, Mandaluyong City
Tel. No. 5313082 / 5325795

This school is located near one of my blogger friend's house and the city mayor's house in Malaya Street. Tuition fee starts at P33,400 to P36,250 depending on the mode of payment, plus P1,500 for books and notebooks. They accept kids from nursery, kinder 1 to kinder 2.

Things that I like about this school:
-Student to teacher ratio is 15:1.
-They have a covered school stage.
-School bus is available.
-They have a separate program for kids with special needs.
-They also have another branch that caters grade-schoolers.

Things that I don't like about this school:
-Some parts of the building needs renovation.
-The classrooms don't have windows.
-No playground.

Holistic Education Montessori Center
65 South Sikap Street, Mandaluyong City
Tel. No. 5324168 / 7467078

One of my daughter's friends go to this school. Tuition is P44,000 plus a miscellaneous fee of P7,500 covering snacks, aides, special events, etc. They accept kids from 2.5 to 6 years old.

Things that I like about this school:

-English is used as the medium of instruction (except for Filipino subject).
-They prepare everyday snacks for kids (charged under misc. fees)
-The school has nice playground equipment.
-Rooms are very spacious.
-Bus service is available.
-They offer a free summer class.

Things that I don't like about this school:
-They assign 25 children per classroom.
-School's playground is indoor.
-Location is far from where we live.
-They don't wear a uniform from Monday to Thursday.


  1. You missed out the Saint Therese Private School.They are good school too.Cheaper tuition fee, its around 26,000 only a year.

  2. you missed out the st. Therese Private School, they are good school too and much cheaper the tuition fee than your
    schools list.


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