Monday, March 05, 2012

KC Concepcion's Bayo Summer 2012 Campaign

I just saw KC Concepcion's summer campaign photos for Bayo. One word for this new campaign: awesome! I am totally in love with some of the pieces seen in the photos.

I like this beautiful retro top a lot.
KC is wearing it with a tiny short,
but I guess it'll work with a high waisted skirt too.

The style is cute.. very much like the 1960's.
Its fabric looks so soft and breathable.
Just perfect for the sunny days of March to May.

Hope this top is also available in different colors.
I wonder how much would it cost for a piece.
Need to visit Bayo in Shangri-La Plaza or Megamall soon.

Those white pants suit is another favorite.
Ahh.. reminds me of my working days.
Comfortable and nice fit for KC here.

Look at this Marilyn Monroe-inspired dress.
Wooot! So vintage and sexy.
I bet this frock will look better on Anne Curtis, tho.

Will you wear the same dress?
If yes, where would you wear it to?
Share your thoughts below! :)

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  1. In fact, I looove the shoes in the first pic :)

  2. pretty dress and tops, can't wear it though, don't have the guts...and the body. hehe...

  3. KC looks fab. I love the stipes dress, marilyn monroe style. Can't wear that though since am on the chubby side.:)

  4. Wow! She certainly made that look her own

  5. Those outfits are just perfect for any out of town trip this summer!

  6. of course! I'd definitely wear the same dress. I'd prolly wear it on our next date lol LI love KC.. so sexy and fab!

  7. I love vintage-themed stuff and this is super love <3

  8. Ganda talaga ni KC. Galing magdala ng damit atsaka ang bayo maganda ang mga clothes nila. Nice!


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