Wednesday, March 21, 2012

International Travel vs. Local Travel

While sending a package to a relative in the province at nearby mall this afternoon, I spotted a certain travel and tour office with some friendly travel agents waiting by the door. It honestly made me wonder how much money will it cost our family to tour European cities like Paris, Berlin and London or Mediterranean islands like Cyprus and Greece. I was supposed to approach one of them, but my agreement with hubby flashed back in my mind. We previously agreed that there will be no international flight for our family this year to save money for "something bigger".

The Peak, Hong Kong

Taksim Square, Istanbul

At least, we have traveled both local and international last year. Our family went on several weekend trips to places like Baguio,Tagaytay, Laguna and Cavite, then visited some extended family members in Romblon. On top of that, we also had a tour of Hong Kong and stayed for almost 3 months on vacation in Turkey. I know it was not a lot of traveling but for me, those trips were all fun and worth remembering. I love reminiscing the experience of the cool weather in Baguio City, picnic ni Tagaytay while overlooking Taal Vulcano and Taal Lake, swimming in Pansol, partying in Cavite, and walking in a sand bar in Ferrol, Romblon.

However, as much as I want to explore more places here in the Philippines and support Dept. of Tourism's campaign, I can't just deny the fact the I still wish to travel abroad. I guess most of us think of the same thing, if only budget will allow, right?


  1. i remember a year when all i did was travel abroad. i had no new gadgets at all but the tradeoff were the experiences :) but now, i'm also vowing to save for something big so I'll postpone naman my trips also for now. :) have a great day!

    1. Yeah.. it's all about the good memories and experiences! :D

  2. hello Mrs. Kolca! I actually agree on what you wrote on your last few lines. My partner and I are starting to save up for something 'big' as well, so international trips will have to wait this time. Local trips pwede pa.. Di pwedeng di ako magTravel kasi. I itch for the adventure, just like you do! =)


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