Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Discovering My Perfume Personality

I need a bottle of a new perfume. I still don't know which brand and scent to buy, but I will not purchase anything 'just cute' this time. I want a bottle of the best perfume that will suit my personality, a scent that I can use forever. I know it is not going to be easy and could be a little tricky because there are too many brands to choose from. These past years, I've been buying perfumes based on packaging alone. Bad. Really bad but it's true! Imagine, I always bought pink perfumes in the past without checking very well if they match the visible aspect of my character. Why? Oh, please blame those fancy bottles and the freebies they offer once you get them. Haha!

Kidding aside, I already checked a couple of stores and read online reviews about different scents. I am now on the process of discovering my signature perfume or perfume personality. I just have to wait for my last two bottles to be empty while at the same time, evaluating myself and what best describes me when it comes to fragrances. If I can only find Harvey Prince here in the Metro, I think I won't have so much of a problem in choosing the perfect scent 'cause I heard they offer lots of sweet-smelling in an affordable price.

Which brand of perfume do you use? Do you wear a perfume every single day? What kind of scent do you like the most?

Share your answer in a comment below.


  1. I'm a bit allergic so I don't buy perfumes, or wear them, so often. But if I do it's because of the bottle :D

  2. My favorite is Lancome Miracle So Magic. I've heard a lot about Harvey Prince, too...

  3. i love amarige de givenchy and like you, i have a hard time finding one here in manila. so when i saw that perfume in singapore, i bought 2 big bottles na. sayang eh.

    visiting via PB

  4. my eyes are also in love with pink perfumes! especially if it has a sweet and fruity scent :) My all time fave is Peach from Fruits and Passion :D

  5. My favorite perfume would be Davidoff cool water for women but I try not to use that everyday. Most of the time I use colognes.


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