Friday, March 02, 2012

How to Avoid Eye Bags

I checked my email yesterday and saw this letter from one of my readers:

Hello! My name is Bianca.

I have the same exact eye bags as you. I was wondering if you found anything to help with them. I am sure you have noticed that yours are more noticeable under certain lighting. I am 32 (almost 33) and it was this year that I really noticed them.

Is there anything you use to help with them? Do you have any thoughts? I can also send you pictures of them if you would like to see. Thank you for your blog.




Dear Bianca,

I am pleased to receive an email from you. Thank you dear, but I hope you don't mind me posting it here. You know eye bags seem to be one of women's common problem when it come to the face. I think it would be nice if I share my answer to the rest of the readers too.

First, let me clarify that I am no expert here and I will be writing based on my own observation and experience. I know whatever works for me might not work for you.

No need to take a photo of yourself though. You mentioned that your eye bags are exactly the same with mine, so let's just go from there. In my case, they become very visible every time I'm lack of enough sleep. I notice that after a night of sleeplessness, my eyes are usually puffy in the morning. I always sleep late plus my daughter most of the time interrupts my sleep at night.. two factors that trigger my eyes to become puffy.

In your case, I encourage you to check your lifestyle. Do you sleep well? How's your diet? Are you smoking? Evaluate yourself by asking those questions. I believe there are a lot of things that could cause eye bags in both men and women.

Now, to avoid those visible eye bags in the photo above, I only do one thing.. SLEEP WELL. My eyes do not swell if I get a total of 8 sleeping hours in a day. Really.

Lastly, to avoid difficulty in sleeping, I also DRINK A GLASS OF FRESH MILK and TAKE VITAMINS before bedtime.

That's all and no more secrets in avoiding eye bags. If you have a follow up questions, please feel free to comment here or send another email.

Have a beautiful day!


Mrs. Kolca


  1. I agree getting enough rest helps you get rid of eye bags.. there are other ways too on how to avoid them.. probably that would be healthy lifestyle indeed. :)

  2. i agree, no amount of makeup can hide puffy eyebags but sleep sleep sleep at least 8 hours a day :)

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  3. ayay! beauty and style guru...thanks for sharing sis...:)

    sakin get rid of eye bags...I either use fresh cut cucumbers...or d kaya...2 frozen/cold works wonders!

    super love your header sis!

  4. i've tried so many ways na rin in the past on how to remove or reduce eyebags, but to no avail. Kaya hinayaan ko na, hehe.

  5. This is true Mrs. Kolca. Talagang only a good night sleep can prevent our eyes from getting puffy.. :) Btw, I've tried some really easy remedies though like an ice cold towel tapped on the eye area first thing in the morning. It somehow soothes and makes the eyes appear less puffy. I think I've also seen that Bubzbeauty of Youtube also does it :)

  6. Thanks for the solution!

  7. Great tips:) The fake tattoos mentioned on my last post is not henna tattoos. How to apply the temporary tattoos on skin? You will soon see my review of it on my blog:) stay tuned! Have a nice day!


  8. Nice tips! A cold slice cucumber can help too!

  9. One of my earliest blog posts is about dark under eyes. Instead of posting my link, lemme just type my tips in here for easy access on information for your readers:

    aside from the usual makeup you can use to conceal 'em and the ever so popular under eye roll-ons, you can try putting cold cucumber on your eyes, tea bags and of course, be always hydrated and get enough sleep ;)

  10. Same with mine. Sleep sleep sleep is key. :)

  11. definitely get a lot of sleep and vitamins so can gain back everything that you've lost of too much tiredness from stress! good tips! xx

  12. I too have eyebags and dark circles around my eyes. I apply Garnier eye roll on every night before going to bed.

  13. i know a great makeup trick to camouflage eyebags but it's hard to explain in words. might as well show you when we meet by chance in the future

  14. I totally agree with you, sleep helps a lot with puffy eyes. But for moms like me who are sleep deprived coz of our babies, seems like its impossible to get that 8 or more hours of sleep, I wish I could tho! sarap na lang magpagulong gulong sa bed! lol! I also know some drugstore products for helping reduce puffy eyes such as eye creams, etc.

  15. Great tips for reducing eyebags. :) Since I'm chinky eyed there are times I am fortune enough not to have my bags showing. :)

    WIll be trying your tips soon. xox

  16. Getting enough sleep is still the best trick for me :)

  17. I love this entry. I love that you emphasized 'sleep.'

    No matter how good, expensive, or supposedly effective your eyecream is, if you don't sleepwell... Your eyebags won't ever gonna leave.

  18. We have the same eyebags, too. Sobrang parehas tau, if I lack of sleep, they're very visible. So what I do kung di maiwasan magpuyat, I just put concelear or bb cream if I have to go on a date or other stuff.

  19. Ay naku sis, I have long accepted my eye bags as part of my face, as part of my overall beauty and radiance (chos!). Kasi kahit hindi ako puyat, andyan sya. Kahit ok ang diet ko, andyan pa rin sya. Pag nagsmile ako, lalong andyan sya. Love your own na lang! Hehe. :)


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