Saturday, March 24, 2012

Early Summer Shopping Haul

It was 34° yesterday. No wonder that lots of people want to go to the beach this early. I am even excited with our next vacation. I am thinking of family gatherings over barbecue and grilled fish, fiesta-hopping, unlimited karaoke and swimming in Ferrol. Even more excited cos I found a nice swimsuit at Forever 21 Makati the other day. Here's my mini haul.

(clockwise) Forever 21 cobalt blue triangle bikini, Hanes leopard brassiere, random red nightie from SM Dept. Store and Coco Cabana cover up..

New lippies from Avon and Colours. Will do reviews on these later.

Avon pink weighing scale. I just had to buy this when I saw it from a brochure. Gotta drop extra weight to be able to shamelessly wear that swimsuit up there. Hihi.

Forever 21 dangling wing earrings. I need this for an event I'm attending on Monday.

That's all. Need to save more of my blog earnings next time.
I am planning to buy another weekend bag! :X


  1. the earrings are gorgeous!
    Nice Haul :)

  2. Thanks. Yes, they are now my current favorite! :D

  3. amazing! I also want many swimsuits!!

  4. I also wanna buy a weighing scale. I need to monitor my weight. I keep on gaining weight na this past 2 years.

  5. Well summer is right beside the corner! Bikinis are just super in! like hello its summer :)

  6. colorful bikinis!!! canm't wait to see it to you :)
    how i wish summer na din dito samin!!!
    have a great weekend!!! take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  7. hahaha great motivation on buying that weighing scale to lose weight!! :D love your haul!

  8. Those bikinis look fab! I hope I can still get to wear swimsuits this summer.. :( I think I need to buy more bikinis as a motivation for me to workout.

  9. I love your Forever21 Cobalt Blue Triangle Bikini! and Coco Cabana always have the cutest colorful cover-ups.

    Have Fun! Enjoy Summer! :)


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