Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SKIN: The TAO Model's Party Part 1

Hello dearies! Wow, it's been a while. Sorry for no updates.
Been busy doing errands and stuff prior to my vacation.
Anyway, here is my post on SKIN Party.

It was a glamorous party held at Genting Club in Resorts World Manila.
Celebrities, actors and models gathered for the TAO (Talent Agents’ Organization) Skin Party.


I came around 7 PM so I was able to take photos of the early birds.
Here is, the “Prince of Soul", Jay-R rehearsing his number for the program.


One of the leading stars of Legacy on the runway.
That's Lovi Poe, rehearsing her walk.


She came to the place wearing this chiffon top and leather-like shorts.
I like her top, looks very comfortable to wear.

Now, check this very lovely girl.
She's oozing with sex appeal.

Very much alike the younger version of her beauty queen mom noh?
I swear Isabelle Daza wil win Bb. Pilipinas if she joins the pageant.

Rehearsal is over. Came the celebrity doctor and her fiance Hayden Kho.
Here, the were asked about the date of their marriage and she said, "Secret!"
The secret was revealed yesterday.. Dra. Vicki Belo and Hayden just split up!
Oh yeah, for the 9th time? WOW! That's a very sad Valentine!

That's all for now ladies.
I will schedule the continuation of this post in a couple of days.
Wait for the part 2 of this photo story, OK? :)



  1. Thanks for sharing this teaser sis! :D Loving Lovi Poe's top too. And wow, I learned something new from you today. Didn't know Dra. Vicky and Hayden have broken up 9 times already.. hahaha.. That's too much on-off in a relationship! Anyway, have a sweet Valentine's Mrs. Kolca.. :)

  2. Was suppose to attend this event pero tinamad ako. Haha! :P

  3. bakit walang tao sa mga chairs? oops... rehearsal lang pala :D

  4. So will you be blogging about the full event with photos as well. Curious as how that went?

    Well, I am not really surprise (or interested) with this Hayden-Belo thing. It is better if they just stay out of my entertainment news hahaha.

  5. Lovi, I think I wanna marry you. #Ilusyunado :)

  6. good thing i came here coz i really never heard of this event. and ohe thanks for the updates

  7. @CottonCandy: Yeah, very exciting because of lots of models and celebrities!

    @Sumi: Thanks dear. You too, have a memorable VDay! Muah!

    @Gellie: Sayang naman. It was really fun. Lots of of models and celebrities, good food, and nice show!

    @Romelo: Yeah, I will do another post for later. Hihi.

    @Chris: I know. People are already tired of their story. Haha!

    @Wandering: Haha! She's cute right? :)

    @Germz: Sure, welcome! :D

  8. i was about to comment on Belo's bangs, although I am not that kind of fashion person, then suddenly this line caught me:

    "...asked about the date of their marriage and she said, "Secret!"
    The secret was revealed yesterday.. Dra. Vicki Belo and Hayden just split up!"

    Perfect timing ^^


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