Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Doubles Showdown Final 5

I watched Survivor Philippines since the 1st season and until now, the Celebrity Doubles Showdown Season 4. I like Survivor Philippines so much because every episode is exciting. Each immunity challenge, reward challenge and tribal council is worth watching.

From a total of 10 celebrity couples or 20 castaways, last night, the final 5 were finally revealed. KC, Stef, Mara, Maey and Betong were left after Arnold of the Philippine Volcanoes was voted out.

On Mara: I totally agree with Stef when she said Survivor is not the place to fall in love. Poor Mara. She kinda reminds me of Jeff Gaitan from Season 2 who had a mutual understanding with her fellow castaway, Marvin Keiffer. The guy is cute and sweet so I couldn't blame Jeff. But Arnold? No!

On Stef: She is doing good. I mean, she works while in the shelter, pushes to her ability on challenges and votes wisely on tribal councils. Others call her maarte, I think she can possibly make it until the final 3.

On Maey: I can't believe this girl. She showed a lot of strength in immunity challenges and finally beaten Arnold with the balancing of pole challenge. She is just too kind that she gave back the immunity bracelet to Mara. Tsk tsk tsk!

On Betong: Very funny guy and lovable castaway too. A lot of people sympathize to this guy especially when he wanted to win a reward challenge for his very sick friend but lost it to Arnold. He didn't win anything yet, but let's see 'cause he might be a part of the final 3.

On KC: After Geneva decided to quit Survivor, KC moved on, played even without a double. I think it was better that way. His game is simple and he is also one of the most loved among the castaways. He stands as a threat to his fellow castaways but I guess his reputation as an good player will be able to take him to the final 3.

Among the five, I think I would want either KC or Maey to win as the sole survivor. Let's see!

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  1. i dunno why but mara is my fave castaway. there's something about her that i just like and i dunno what it is... :P

  2. hello there!!!
    its so nice reading your blog.. i got updated for what's happening in pinas!!!
    can't wait to see more post from you!
    greetings from italy. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  3. i haven't watched a single episode of survivor! but wowww many people are talking about this show, i think i have to see it! :) and i find KC cute haha :D

  4. I watched Survivor Philippines' first 2 seasons. I haven't followed the show closely ever since though.. :( But I'll definitely be watching the last few episodes and the finale :)

  5. here in spain survivors have an amazing success on tv ;)

  6. wow! updated huh! :D I am not watching that kind of series but I started AMERICAN IDOL :D Maganda b yan sis? kaso wala kme pinoy channel :P


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