Monday, January 09, 2012

Sale Find: Sparkle & Fade Dress

I just checked Sparkle & Fade dresses online and I was shocked how expensive they really are. Price ranges P5,000 and below for a smart casual dress. Something that made me very happy with this latest find of mine. A simple looking dress but beautiful when worn.

It reminds me of Kate Middleton's Issa dress.

The front detail.

The fabric.

The tag.
It's authentic!

Sale Find: Sparle & Fade blue dress
Sale Price: P199
Regular Price: P399.75
Sale From: Surplus Store Megamall


  1. You ma'am is one great bargain hunter! :) This dress just looks so lovely. Can't wait to see it on you! Btw, I'll definitely try to check SM's surplus stores more often to find nice pieces too.

  2. P199 for this dress. it is really a steal. =)

  3. I totally agree this dress does look like the one Kate wore. .. :)

    you should do a post and show us how you would accessorize this cute dress.

    take care.

  4. wow! This is pretty! Is there any other color? I want to have one,too! :)

  5. that's a really cute dress! great find! :D

  6. wow what a great score on this dress!! :)


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