Monday, January 02, 2012

Sale Find: Penshoppe Cologne

Except for important events or occassion, hot days means just cologne days for me. It is always sunny here in the city that's why I almost always just spray on colognes alone. I am currently emptying a bottle of Victoria's Secret, so I grabbed these colognes right away the last time I went malling. One for me and another one for hubby. Glad to get them in a discounted price!

Sale Find: Penshoppe Be Fascinated Cologne (His and Hers)
Regular Price: P79 each
Sale Price: P55 each
Sale From: Penshoppe Megamall Branch


  1. My dear Tea-follower, Happy New Year.

  2. I´m glad to find this post today!
    Great ideas and style.

  3. Sayang, if only I knew about these, I would've bought some and gave them as Christmas presents to my cousins. Oh well, next holidays, haha.

    PS. I'm from Girltalk!

  4. I haven't tried Penshoppe's colognes yet.. ^^ I haven't been wearing colognes na since high school ata. I used to wear J&J's colognes back in the days though.

    Btw Mrs. Kolca, let's go on a blogger date/food trip soon. Introduce me to Turkish food some time. I'm such a noob with Mediterranean food.. :(

  5. my go to cologne scent for everyday use is Bench Cotton Candy. light lang amoy :) uber cheap too... less tha 100

  6. great!!My best wishes for this new year!


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