Monday, January 30, 2012

Mini Cooper: Driving is Just Cute

At EDSA, on my way SMX Convention center to attend the iPanema fashion show last year, I saw this blue car which caught a lot of commuter's attention. I don't know a lot of things about wheels, so I ask hubby about its model and I was told that it's the iconic mini cooper. I believe this one is vintage, but the owner might have customized it already.

Last night while on the way home, I spotted this vintage mini cooper again parked outside a store near our place. I saw him a couple of times before, however I was not lucky to have my camera with me.

In Philippines showbiz, actress Angelica Panganiban is famous with the mini cooper that was given to her by model/ actor boyfriend Derek Ramsey as an anniversary gift back in 2009. It was a yellow mini cooper car which Angelica named as "Baby James". That time, her mini probably costed over a million already. Oh well, what a very lucky pretty girl.

Now back to me, I still do not know how to drive and I don't think I would want to drive ever. If am only as brave as those drivers who run through EDSA, racing with buses, taxis and jeepneys. If only I have the guts, then I guess I will drive not just mini cars, I will also push myself in driving bigger cars like this Hyundai Tucson which I saw at Cars are just too cute sometimes, right?


  1. It's my dream car! But hubby discouraged me to buy small/mini car like MiniCooper because it's not safe in the road. And he also said that a balikbayan box won't fit in small cars, hehehe!

  2. have you seen angelica's? lucky nga! :)

  3. I wanna drive a white tucson. I don't know why but my daughter likes that car so much that it's now my "crush" too. Only, I still don't know how to drive. :)

  4. @Cotton: Yeah, I know! :)

    @Bechay: Hubby said the same thing. They are a little scary to use in a congested place like Manila. But I guess it's okay if you live in the province. Not a lot of cars in the streets.

    @Missus: Yep. I saw it in photos that her fans posted in a certain forum.

    @Nuna: Maganda nga ang white at crush ko din, kaso ang asawa ko kasi black ang binili nya. Hihi.

  5. too cute! but not my type of car...hhehee...takot ako sa mga ganitong car lalo na dito sa min ang speed limit is 65-75mph...baka lilipad!

    magkano ba ang MC jan sis? dito kasi $35k yung latest model...$25k pababa naman yung 2011-2008 na model.

    I like the color though.

  6. I love Minis! I'm planning to buy one this year (it's cheap here). :)

  7. I love vintage cars especially the small ones like the mini cooper, Toyota Starlet, and VW beetle. Wish I could own one someday. =)

  8. Such a cutie car. Though I do prefer to drive big SUV's myself =)


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