Sunday, January 08, 2012

All Pink Phones

My hot pink Nokia C3 turned one September last year.
I am already kind of tired using it so I'm now planning to buy a new pink phone.
I did a little research and here are my top picks.

Samsung B5722
Internal Memory 30 MB
Camera 3 MP
Dual Sim

Nokia Asha 300
Touchscreen Keyboard
Internal Memory 140 MB
5 MP Camera

 Nokia Asha 201
QWERTY keryboard
Internal Memory 10 MB
2 MP camera

Alcatel OT 908
Internal Memory 150 MB
2 MP Camera

Of all these phones, my number one favorite is Samsung B5722.
It has a very beautiful pink color, it's touchscreen and most of all, dual sim!
I am yet to check the price of this phone.
I hope it is affordable! :)

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  1. Ooh, u make me wanna buy a new phone again ;) I like the first one too, it's a nice shade of pink :)

  2. if the pink samsung is an android, i choose samsung...

  3. nice!! i love anything pink!

  4. I have a pink C3 too! :) It's already hanging though, especially when opening messages.. >.< I'm still contemplating whether to get another pink phone or save up for an iphone. But the Samsung B5722 looks really good ah, and love that it's dual sim pa.. :)

  5. they're pink and that's all that matters!!!! waaah! i love pink stuff! XD


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