Saturday, December 29, 2012

Two Pink Lines

Every time I got a question as to when hubby and I were planning to have our second baby, my usual answer were either, "Not yet. Mahal magpalaki" or "Baby will come in God's will". Little that they know that we already planned our family right after our first baby. Hubby suggested we have our second child after our daughter turns 5. I was negotiating to have it after she turns 3 because I was worried I might be too old to give birth again at 33. My plea didn't work so I just submitted myself, and here I am now, sharing the good news.

I am positive and exactly 5 weeks on the way! Look at those two pink lines!!

This thing is just turning out the way we want it to be. Baby number 2 is expected to come just a month before our first child turns 5 next year in September. Hubby is hoping for a baby boy this time, while either boy or girl is fine with me.

As an expectant mom again, I am praying for my baby #2 to be healthy and as beautiful as my daughter. Boy or girl, I will love him/her with all my heart. Thanks to my supportive husband who always gives in to my requests and cravings. I am indeed lucky to be married to such person. He is a good provider, a sweet father and a wonderful husband to me.

More about baby #2 next year. Happy New Year in advance!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Reddest Day

A day before the doomsday (according to the Mayan calendar), I was on my way to the Makati City Hall to attend a wedding. I think it was the perfect day to be married. Right when everyone else was expecting for the end of the world but NOT! Thanks heavens the Mayans are wrong!!

I did my own make up. The wedding was at 10 o'clock in the morning so I chose very light colors with a pop of red for my lips to compliment my dress. How do I look? Did I cover my uneven tan well? Grrr.. blaming my recent Palawan trip*

The bride specially requested us to come in red, thus we happily obliged. Here with Lyn, Jing, Jen, Nora, Joy and Bedalyn.

Photo op with the blushing bride. I finally wore the red one-shoulder dress which I bought last August in Metro Market Market.

Photo op with the couple. This is my second time to attend a red and white wedding. The first was my auntie Jo's wedding almost 20 years ago.

More photo op..

The reception was held at the Modern China Restaurant in Glorietta 4.

To the beautiful newly-wedded couple Honey and Noldy.. congratulations and best wishes to you again! Cheers to the wedding of the year!! :)

Note: Photos without my watermark were grabbed from Jen, Bedz, Joy and Arnold. Thanks guys! :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pink MagaLine x Askimoi Holiday Giveaway

Here is the giveaway which stirred some noise in the blogosphere. Lots of ladies pulled each other's hair because of this. Choz! Kidding aside, I am sure this is going to be fabulous holiday gift to whoever wins it because I myself is a fan of these brands. Without further ado, in collaboration with, I bring you my holiday giveaway. Dyarraan!!

Only one very lucky winner will take home these. So ladies.. I suggest you follow all the steps for more chances of winning!

Two (2) lovely pairs of Yhansy earrings.

A very sexy La Senza bra. I hope the winner has the same size. This one is 34A.

Etude House hand cream for a smooth touch and lip gloss for naturally kissable lips.

Lastly is this Secosana multi-way bag. Can be worn as shoulder bag or body bag. Its color is so youthful and vibrant. So pinktabulous that I almost kept it for myself. Hehe.

How to join? Simply add Askimoi's free text widget in your sidebar. Doing so will unlock all other steps to join for more raffle points. I edited the mechanic for the new year. Now, it is no longer mandatory to add the free text widget though I highly recommend it. Besides, adding a free text widget in your blog will benefit you as well. Think of more people visiting and staying in your site to send free SMS anywhere in the Philippines. More visitors, more traffic, right?

For those who previously joined the contest, I salute your effort in adding the widget so you ladies don't worry because I am giving you an added special prize in case you win.

To organize each entry, I have here the help of Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway starts December 18, 2012 until January 18, 2012. I think that's enough time for everyone, right?

The winner will be announced in a blog post on the 19th of January. I will be sending a notification through email, too.

Wherever your are in the world, you are welcome to join. Just make sure to give me a Philippine address where I can send the prizes. I can't ship abroad because they are bulky. You have to have a Philippine address where I can ship them in case you win.

Good luck and happy holidays ladies!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Victoria's Secret Store at NAIA Terminal 3

I know I should be posting my giveaway soon, but can't wait to blog about this one first. Yeah, the Victoria's Secret Store at NAIA Terminal 3! I can't believe it!! I am so late with the news. Haha. I didn't know that they already opened a store there until our flight to PPC last Thursday. Wooohooooo!!

They have lots of perfumes, undies, bags and my dream passport holder!

Victoria's Secret is the first store that you will see upon entering the departure area.

I took these photos while waiting for hubby to finish wearing his shoes. A few seconds after snapping these pictures, we were off running to our designated gate. Ahhh.. too bad we checked-in just a few minutes before departure. I could have gone shopping if only I wasn't too scared to spoil our quick holiday vacation by missing the flight. Ugh, I remember what happened in July with our Laoag-Vigan trip.

Anyway, we have another scheduled vacation next year. I guess that's when I can re-visit the store and treat myself for some shopping.

Hasta la vista Victoria! :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012


I just got my new SSS ID (Social Security Service for Philippines). I am very happy because I applied for it just the previous month. I was not expecting them to finish processing and send it right away so hooray! I applied for the new SSS ID because my old ID (the blue one) bore my maiden name. I updated my status and changed my name. I remember it took about 3 months before I received my first ID after application. This one came after a month. Congratulations SSS Mandaluyong for a job well done!

The new ID is a digitized. As far as I know, SSS started releasing them last year. It is unified multi-purpose ID which can be used for SSS, Philhealth, Pag-ibig and GSIS transactions. Finally, no need to used 4 different IDs. In my case, only 3 different IDs because I don't have GSIS which applies for government employees only.

If we'll ever have a national ID, I think they can just improve this one. Say, add the father's name and mother's name, then permanent address, and all the necessary details needed for identification. Too bad there are citizens who are against the national ID system. In my opinion, it will help a lot if there is a national ID for every Filipino.

So, do have the SSS ID already? How do you like it?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

OOTD: Blue Bubbles

This post should have been published over a week ago, but every time I sit in front of my laptop to edit it, I always end up doing something else like hanging in Facebook groups, online forums, or bloghopping. Oh well, that's a classic me. So here finally!

I was in Glorietta I for Snoopy's Fashion Street Fair over 3 weeks ago. There I saw the ever flawless Miss Gladys Reyes again and her beautiful kids. I wore my bubble sheer top that day. Thus, the title of this post is blue bubbles.

I also wore gold. Gold for my nails, necklace, ring and earrings.

This is my version of a "barely there" makeup. How do I look? :)

With mom bloggers, posing like beauty pageant contestants. Haha.

Sorry. This is the only full photo of myself from the event.

My daughter and I in a photo op with Lucy.

What I wore:
-Maldita bubble sleeves sheer top
-yellow jeans from SM Dept. Store
-Zara bag
-Primadonna cage heels
-gold earrings from SM Accessories
-enamel necklace from Accents Fashion Accessories

Now off to bed for a quick afternoon nap. Till my next post everyone!

PS. Photos without my watermark were grabbed from Honey and Jenny.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Giveaway Teaser

This is just a quick post on my upcoming holiday giveaway. See these lovely paper bags in the photo? Inside is a sexy La Senza lingerie, some Etude House beauty and cosmetic products, Secosana bag and Yhansy accessories. Oh yeah.. I am giving them all away soon so watch out for that.

TIP: Keep checking this blog and my FB page if you wish to join my upcoming giveaway. First to join. The very first person to join will automatically win something.

Until then! Happy weekend ladies!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

December is Here!

Hello holiday sparkles and jingle bells! It is already December!! Can you believe that? Time flown by so fast. My schedule is busy.. busy.. busy.. these days. I already started gift-wrapping (though I need to shop some more) and partying. In fact, I had a get-together slash year-end party with two batches of friends over the weekend. Another party is happening this Friday and then Tuesday next week. Before Christmas, daughter and I will attend a friend's wedding somewhere in Makati too. Hmmm.. I think I am running out of ideas of what to wear and how to do my make up, so I am doing a December magazine cover consultation. Eeney meeny miney moe.. which looks is the best way to go? Haha. Choz!

Sarah G for Preview. The makeup is fierce but not for me. Digging the red dress!

Angel Locsin for Cosmopolitan. This is just fresh.

Solenn Heussaff for Mega. She won the sexy lips award! :)

Kim Chiu for Meg. Uh, I don't like anything from this cover.

Sophie Sumner for Meg. The candy hair is pop, but again, not for me. Hihi.

Sam Milby and Bea Soriano for Metro. The blue bare back dress is so royal. Woot!

Lauren Young for Candy. The hair is what I love the most.

My conclusion? I think I will mostly go for red fresh makeup, sexy lips, wavy hair and red dress this holiday season. Off to shopping now! :P

Source of Photos:

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Berry Confusing

What is this? Is this a kind of berry or something? I haven't seen anything like it before until my family visited Ming's in Tagaytay. It is blue but it is not blueberry. Very interesting talaga. I had to take lots of photos for posting here.

They have a greenhouse at Ming's and one of the plants they grow is this shrub with clusters and clusters of blue fruits.

A gardener mentioned that they cannot be eaten. Unfortunately, he doesn't know its name and where did it come from.

Its lovely look and color made me almost pick some for eating. So inviting but could be poisonous, right?

The daughter was fascinated by this fruit-bearing plant, too. I had to warn her not to touch it no matter how tempting it looks.

In the Philippines, there are so many plants that are looking pretty but toxic. Take for example adelfa, a beautiful ornamental plant. A single leaf of adelfa can cause nausea, vomiting, cardiac arrest, and even death when accidentally eaten.

If anyone knows about this plant, please kindly comment or email me about it. Thank you.

NOTE: This entry was originally posted in my old blog

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sale Find: Cage Heels

I have been wanting to buy a new pair of caged heels, but couldn't find the best brand with a reasonable price. Remember, I used to have olive caged heels which I bought during a super shoe sale in Megamall? I gave it away to one of my cousins because I had trouble wearing them. I thought letting go and passing them on to someone with slimmer feet was the best thing to do. Oh well, honestly my first crush was my friend's sexy strappy heels that time. Too bad no more stocks when I checked the store to get myself the same pair.


Pour la Victoire shoes
2,335 PHP -

Jimmy Choo platform shoes
40,890 PHP -

Givenchy stiletto heels
70,450 PHP -

L.A.M.B. black sandals
6,010 PHP -

Lanvin platform heels
40,890 PHP -

Roberto Cavalli high heels

As you can see, a lot of luxurious and high brands carry caged shoes. In a collage above, my favorite has is Pour la Victoire's. Surprisingly, it is the cheapest among the six brands. Now good news for me.. I found a perfect pair of caged heels during a weekend sale at Primadonna. Not to mention, it is a cross between my friend's sexy strappy heels and that Pour la Victoire shoes up there. Dyarraannnnn!!!

My current favorite pair of shoes.

A size bigger but still fit my toes well.

I feel so lucky to have found this.

Look at that sexy zipper back! :)

I was not supposed to buy it 'cause there were no more size 7 when I visited the store, but I had trouble sleeping and kept blaming myself not being able to get them. Haha. I went back to the store the next day and bought the size 8. Good thing this pair still fits me so no regrets. I love it to bits!

Sale Find: Primadonna Caged Heels
Sale Price: P599.95
Original Price: P1399.95
Sale From: Primadonna Megamall

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Till We Meet Again

This photo of me and my college friends was taken at Manila Peninsula 2 years ago. In the middle was a dear friend named Ran.

Six months ago, I visited Ran at a hospital in Ortigas. A month after, we saw each other again for dinner in Boni High Street. That time, he already resigned from his call center job and was under medication.

My friends and I after a scrumptious dinner at Slice.

In less than 4 months, Ran was hospitalized again with a very serious illness. My friends and I were able to visit him a couple of times before he passed away yesterday. He was supposed to turn 32 on December 3 and prior to his hospitalization, not knowing that his chance is recovery was small, I started planning our year-end, slash Christmas party, slash birthday party. This Thursday, we will visit his wake to finally say goodbye. He was cremated at The Heritage Park in Taguig 3PM today.

You know, I've never been this sad for a friend. We met in college and shared a lot of memories together. We practically learned a lot together, went through passing a subject and boycotting a professor (we were that bad) together, and later on, job hunting until we found our respective careers, etc.

I miss him. I miss those times that we used to attend English classes. I missed those times that we used to commute from the school in Taguig where we used to work (as teachers) to University of Makati where we both took graduate units.

Above all, I miss his jolly personality, his smile, his jokes and all the funny stories we shared. It is so sad but I know God has a better reason why He took my friend this early. I am somehow relieved thinking that Heavenly Father did not allow him to suffer anymore pain.

For you my dear friend.. I love you and God be with you till we meet again.