Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Winners of Miss Earth 2011

I missed watching this event live on TV. This was held the same night I was hosting a party with college friends, so I totally forgot about it. I heard that this pageant wasn't done very well though. And, I've read from Fashion Pulis that Miss USA Nicole Kelley badmouthed about this pageant and Manila in her Facebook account. Hmmm.. this year's pageant is controversial eh?

The winners (from L to R): Miss Philippines, Miss Ecuador, Miss Brazil and Miss Venezuela.

Miss Earth 2011 Olga Alava of Ecuador

Miss Air 2011 Driely Bennettone of Brazil

Miss Water 2011 Athena Imperial of the Philippines

Miss Fire 2011 Caroline Medina of Venezuela

Casandra Becerra of Mexico
Nina Astrakhantseva of Crimea
Aleksandra Kovacevic of Bosnia & Herzegovina
Thandi Muringa of Zimbabwe
Rebecca Kim Lekse of Slovenia
Kristina Oparina of Ukraine
Tomoko Maeda of Japan
Nicole Huber of Paraguay
Susana Nogueira of Portugal
Renate Cerljen of Sweden
Cherry Liu of Chinese Taipei
Niratcha Tungtisanont of Thailand
Special Awardees
Best in National Costume: Tomoko Maeda of Japan
Best in Swimsuit: Sarka Cojocarova of the Czech Republic
Best in Long Gown: Casandra Becerra of Mexico
Miss Photogenic: Cherry Liu of Chinese Taipei
Miss Friendship: Sanober Hussain of Pakistan
Best in Talent: Dominique Mann of South Africa

Did you watch this event? What can you say about the winners? Do you think they deserved their crowns? Comments please!

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  1. I didn't watch the Miss Earth Event this year (nor the past year because of the busy scheds). Although I did heard about Ms. Earth USA's bad status update about the Philippines. I just had to check if ever she even got through to the semi final round! Haha! :)

  2. @Peachy: Miss USA did not make it to the semi-finals and she didn't even receive any award. Haha!

  3. I watched it, but only parts of it though. :(

    The issue about Miss Earth USA is all over Facebook.. Eeeek.. :(

  4. Miss Earth USA's FB post is just so funny! :P

  5. I wasn't able to watch this too. Thanks for sharing this sis! :) Glad to find out Ms. USA didn't get anything.. ^^


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