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What do you think of Lisa D'Amato winning the America's Next Top Model All-Stars?

Lots of negative opinions and violent reactions were heard after the last episode of America's Next Top Model All-Stars. From the disqualification of Angelea Preston to the announcement of the winner, some fans felt cheated and said Tyra Bank is fake, others called Lisa "old" and the rest think Alisson Harvard should have been the declared winner. The argument continues whether who of these 3 girls will be most successful after Cycle 17.

Why Angelea was disqualified anyway?
Her fans were shocked since it came down to three girls at the finale, Angelea, Allison and Lisa. Only two girls appeared for the final judging with the absence of Angelea. The judges of the show said she was disqualified, without going into details as to why she was booted out. Apparently, Angelea was disqualified because she leaked the information of her "winning" through her Facebook page, breaking the rules of the competition, even before the airing of the final episode.

CW said, "After production wrapped on the current cycle of America's Next Top Model, we learned information that made Angelea ineligible and she was subsequently disqualified from the competition. As a result, new scenes were filmed to address this for the audience during the finale."

Honestly, My favorite model from ANTM All-Stars is Laura Kirkpatrick. She was sent home after that episode with Tyson Bedford. Going back to the last 3 girls.. I don't like Lisa D'Amato at all. She was the most notorious model from Cycle 5. For me, Angelea is still the winner, though among the three, Allison could be a good choice too 'cause she is younger.

Share your opinion ladies! :)

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  1. Laura and Allison are my two favorites so I wanted either of them to win but sadly si Lisa pa rin ang nanalo.

  2. I like Laura and Allison too, though I was rooting more for Allison to win. She just has a very unique look na pang-high fashion. I don't dislike Lisa though, and I think she was strong on this cycle. I don't have anything against her from winning, but I would've love to see the deleted clips 'cause I'm curious how Angelea did.

  3. Can't see what the judges can and there'll always be politics in any given contest (lol). so yun na...

  4. i don't really watch this show much, i only manage to catch some snippets whenever i channel surf...^_^

  5. I watch the show to learn about fashion photography. Personally, Allison is my favorite. But Lisa has been consistent with her "daring" branding ;-)

  6. Watch several eps of ANTM but never really followed through...visiting from PB...

  7. I don't like the way Lisa looks... I've watched a lot of ANTM cycles in the past, unfortunately not this one.

  8. The ending was boring :)) i think she has all star quality like shes crazy like most starts are :P u know crazy side in a good way, she is energetic, she can perform, sing, act, but she looks old because of her skin complexion, maybe shes is vegetarian, she needs more vitamins for healthy glowing skin. All her pictures were not so beautiful, she only nailed this last cover girl pic thats all.

    if Lisa did not win, she might find it hard to get in the industry unlike allison she have Die Hard Fans, and shes young, mysterious, she is Directing shoots, and she poses like FIERCE!
    the only prob shes introvert and her eyes are sernsiive to the sun but hei shes unique! and her runway walk but I LOVE HER!

    does anyone know what Angelea did? that made her disqualified?


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