Friday, December 09, 2011

Pre-Christmas Shopping Haul

Good morning ladies! It's another rainy day. The sky is dark and gloomy. I like the cool weather but not the water in the streets. Anyway, I promised to share my pre-Christmas shopping haul, right? So, here it is. The things I bought for myself while mall-hopping last week.

WWW vintage-looking earrings from SM Megamall.

Liberté chiffon kimono from Robinson's Forum.

Ann Taylor for LOFT floral top from SM Megamall.
Random skirt from Landmark Makati.

H & M striped dress from Landmark Makati.
It's too cute and the fabric is nice so I bought 2!

Rogue denim jeans from Surplus Store Makati.

That's all. Shopping will continue until the year ends. Hihi. Other than these, I bought gifts for friends and family and mostly clothes for re-selling in the province. You know whenever I do the latter, I need to visit 6 malls in the metro. That way, I am help my aunt and sister-in-law with their buy and sell business. I buy items like clothes, shoes and bags here in Manila, ship it to Romblon, and then they'll sell them for a profit. Next year, I am planning to have a bigger share by investing on a bulk of lingerie and beauty products. Hope to earn from it and get rich. Hahaha!


  1. I love the Loft top... it looks good on that pic ^_^ do they have it in size 14 heheh!

  2. Great haul! I particularly like the Liberté chiffon kimono :)

  3. @Chew: I think they have it in a size that will fit you. I am usually size M but I gotta take XS for that design. I think LOFT follows the Amer. sizing. Visit SM. Dept. Store if you want the same top. I bet it will look good on you too, just pair it with a plain skirt for the office.

    @Gellie: Hi Gellie! Glad you liked the kimono. I got it from Robinsons Forum for less than P500.

    @Kim: Thanks. Same here. I love it too!

  4. Love the black dress and yong pair ng skirt at loft dress :) ang galing mo talaga pumili ng damit ate.

  5. I love the earrings but I'm not a jewelry person. Nakakalimutan ko maglagay ng accessories. Minsan nga pati watch nakalimutan ko.

    Btw, sis you have no URL option sa comment.


  6. Loving the Liberté chiffon kimono and the H&M Striped Dress! :) The vintage earrings are so nice too.. ^^

  7. I love striped dresses! Nice haul you've got there. :)


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