Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pink MagaLine at the Suplado Show

I am not supposed to post this yet. I am still waiting for a copy of the video from the show. As you know, this guesting happened a week ago. I was invited by Miss Stef to The Suplado Show, an internet radio show hosted by Stanley Chi which is live every Monday from 9PM to 11PM through PinoyTuner.Com and You Tube. Well, I can no longer hold it, so I guess I'll just do another post when the video becomes available.

Vin, another blogger (sorry I forgot your name), Stanley Chi, me and Miss Stef..

the first set..

second set..

and third set.. ooppsss.. bad photo.. hihi!

me and Gelleesh..

It was a fun experience. Stanley Chi asked questions about blogging and blog monetizing, then we shared some blogging tips too. We had viewer participation while giving away some cool items. Most of all, I got to promote my blog or encourage viewers to visit, meet other bloggers and meet the people behind Dig Radio.

Again, thank you Miss Stef for the opportunity. More power to you and your team!

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  1. i have my own post-Suplado Show article, but since i can;t post it here, just check it at my page.

  2. natawa ako when you replaced your photo inside the booth with another photo of yours. hahaha! :P

    hope to see you again soon! :D

  3. @ivan: ok, but you can post the link here as long as it's not clickable! :)

    @gellie: oh di ba? kaloka naman kasi ang kuha.. lol!

  4. this must have been so exciting for you sis ^_^

  5. This is so nice! :) So sad lang I wasn't able to catch the show.. >.< Anyway, can't wait to watch the vid.. :)

    Merry Christmas and a wonderful year ahead to you and your beautiful family! :)


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