Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Booties!

Don't we just love Christmas? More shopping and gift-giving? Woohooo.. I just feel like a kid! There are still 3 days before Christmas, but Santa already gave me a new pair of booties over a week ago. Okay, we don't have a chimney at home and I didn't get this gift near the fireplace. It was hubby who gave me shopping money to get myself whatever I like so thanks a lot to you hubby.. my dearest Santa!

It doesn't look anything like the one in my Christmas Wishlist, but I love it so much. The design is not complicated and the heel height is not too high. I bought this together with the Teha' Amana Mustard Bag. Actually, this is my first time to have a pair of shoes from Rusty Lopez. They said, Rusty Lopez shoes are made in Marikina, home of Philippine shoes, so I am expecting this to be sturdy even in an affordable price.


  1. Looks fabulous! Great purchase!


  2. Loving your new boots! :) Rusty Lopez shoes are sturdy and comfy to wear so don't worry about a thing sis.. ;) Have a happy Christmas!

  3. rusty lopez' shoes are indeed very sturdy. good buy!

  4. Can you post more of your latest design in your rusty lopez boots? Thanks...


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