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Thursday, December 01, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist

Hey, Merry Christmas! It is December 1 already. Yipppeee.. 24 days more to go and it will be the happiest day of the year!! I am excited like a child here. So anyway, time to post my Christmas wishlist for the year.

Buttoned blazer. I want a black blazer with buttoned sleeves similar to this.
A jacket without studs or other design. Just plain like the one in the photo.

Brown faux leather clutch bag. It should have a detachable strap.
And, must have enough room for my wallet, camera, and some basic cosmetics.

Black leather booties. My Forever 21 suede booties retired in Istanbul.
Hopefully, I get a better pair of booties this year. Something that I can wear forever.
Hello hubby, genuine leather please. Thanks! :)

24 karat "J" pendant with gemstones. Okay, no rush on this one.
My wishlist is good for the whole year anyway. That means, I can wait for Valentine's Day, my birthday or wedding anniversary. Hihi!

Timex watch. This is something that I want to buy for myself.
Timex is not expensive and they even sell them "buy one take one".
See you soon baby!

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  1. i love the black leather boots. =) thanks for dropping by.

  2. Loving your wishlist! :) I want a similar boyfriend jacket too. I have a few black blazers, but the cut just look too feminine. Haha.. XD

  3. Are the Timex watches still on sale? Let's go for the buy 1 take 1 promo!- Edel :)

  4. I want that black blazer too:)

    Fashion Cat

  5. Nice set of wish list! I wanted to make my own wish list but i'm having a rough time deciding which I REALLY want. I think my list won't end! Haha! :D -Dawn

  6. i love the jacket reminds me of cry cry mtv :D

  7. Love the jacket. I think Zara has a few of those. Merry Christmas! :)

  8. Amazing stuffs....by the look with your christmass wishlist, I can say that you are a certified fashionista

  9. Love the jacket. I think Zara has a few of those :)

  10. Hope your wishes will be granted this Christmas. Wish ko rin magkaroon ng relo na Timex.Napadaan lang :)


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