Friday, December 02, 2011

I Spy Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

I heard Jeffrey Campbell shoes (original pieces) became available among SM department stores since 2010. I've been meaning to take photos the first time I saw them since I bring my camera almost everytime I go shopping. However, the salesladies are kinda strict on these JCs. I don't get it why they disallow taking pictures, but hello, I am blogging about it so fashionistas out there will know your available designs and they don't need to order online! Anyway, I finally saw them unguarded at SM Makati the other day. Weee!!

These are the very famous Litas. Click.

The Skate. Click Click Click.

I don't know these. Help!

The Tick.

Page One and Hamilton. I'm not sure about the others.

So you're wondering, did I ever think about buying at least pair of these Jeffrey Campbell shoes? The answer is YES. Problem is, I am not sure if I can walk in them even Divine Lee testified they are super comfy. Do you have you have a pair of JCs? Please tell me your experience in wearing them. Thanks.


  1. Ooooooohhhh.. Those are really pretty shoes!!! I'd love to have the red one on the 3rd photo, and the mustard yellow wedge on the last.. :)

  2. this is second blog post that i've read today about "no picture taking policy". mas ok yata pag cellphone gamit, di halata. hehe!

  3. YES!!! I have quite a few pairs of JC's including the Lita's, Tick's, Nation boots, Grovie rainbow wedges, Mildred paint splatter heels...
    They are comfy and fairly easy to walk in... The higher heels may take some practice if you're not used to a 5 inch plus heel...

  4. Love the mustard fringed wedge. :)

  5. the first time i saw them...i was surprised how light they are. though im still thinking of buying one ahihii.

  6. The Skate looks reaaaallly good, though I highly doubt it will spare my feet the harm, any brand of high heeled shoes is bound to be uncomfortable given a time frame and depending on what you do. Just my two cents in :)

  7. weeeeeeee....hanep! ganda nang mga designs...:)


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