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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Outfit Inspirations

Christmas is over but there is another holiday coming. Have you decided on what to wear this New Year yet? Lookie here, I created some holiday outfit inspiration through Polyvore.

Silent Night, Glittery Night

Outfit Inspiration #1 Silent Night, Glittery Night. This season, the trend is all about glitters and sequins, so I included pieces that are shining and shimmery. Perfect for parties eh?

Wholesome Sexy

Outfit Inspiration #2 Wholesome Sexy. At least, you have something to wear to church. Not daring and showing lots of flesh but still very much lady-like. Besides, our Chinese friends love wearing red for the New Year, right?

Vintage Barbie

Outfit Inspiration #3 Vintage Barbie. My daughter and I will be attending a themed party this New Year. It's gonna be Vintage Barbie with colors black and pink only. I am thinking of wearing polka dots and mary janes. Hope it works.

Kimono Day

Outfit Inspiration #4 Kimono Day. You know I have this new kimono in my closet which is still waiting to be worn. Maybe I can wear it this way. What do you think?


  1. I love the third one! so chic!

    which boots yung sabi mo here ba - http://www.mameeandmefashion.com/2011/12/dressy-jean-attire/

  2. Great inspiration!Love these outfits!

  3. @Jes: Glad you liked it. Yes, those boots!

    @Fabiana: Really? I loved it too! :)

    @Alina: Yay, thanks!

  4. love these outfits

    thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you return soon


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