Friday, December 30, 2011

Gold Rush

Hey ladies, just one day more before the New Year!
Are you excited for 2012?
Did you prepare a New Year's resolution?
I have goals for the upcoming year, but I won't list them into a resolution.
 I'll keep those goals to myself and just talk about them once reached and realized.
Anyway, I just bought myself a tiny bottle of glittery gold nail polish.
I thought it would be nice to follow the current nail trend.

This Caronia nail polish is labeled Gold Rush frosted.
It is available in drugstores and groceries for only P29.25 or less than a dollar.

A beautiful shade of gold.

I wore this color to the Metro Manila Film Festival Awards Night.

This could be the perfect nails to match this outfit right HERE.

It made me feel rich. Haha!


  1. Really nice shade! it's match well with the pearls

  2. ganda naman ikaw lang naglagay? linis :D ehehhehehe

  3. love so much this nailpolish!

  4. @Cotton: It should be the color of the season! :)

    @Shasha: I know. I love it!

    @Jes: Yes dear. I do my own nails.


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