Thursday, December 08, 2011

Frosted Red Nails

I was not supposed to color my nails red again. I tried the French manicure a couple of times before this. However, my nails were messy and sloppily painted on both attempts. Yeah, the trouble of painting your own nails. I didn't like it at all. I guess I'll try the French manicure after Christmas and stick with these frosted red nails in the meantime.

Perfect for the Christmas?

This is my second bottle of red nail polish.
THIS is the first one.

Caronia Desire Frosted - P29.25
Caronia Colorless Regular - P30

To attain this simple red frosted nail look, I first cleaned my nails and removed the existing color. Then, I used Caronia Desire Frosted evenly and thick enough so I didn't have to put a second coating. The next day, I covered the red polish with Caronia Colorless Regular for protection and longer life. I don't normally do this. Guess what.. I like it! My nails didn't chip right away and they are stronger than before. I think I'll have to do it this way everytime!!


  1. I have that color din in my nail polish collection. Red nails always look sexaaay :)

  2. Red nail polish looks so bold and sexy. It's a really nice color on you! :)

  3. wow nice color perfect for the Christmas party natin!!!

  4. Pretty color! I'm lazy to polish my nails in this period of time:)

    Fashion Cat

  5. ganda ng red sis. :D bagay naman sa yo. i don't paint my fingernails anymore. daming housework!

    visiting from din's fashion po :D

  6. Nice color! perfect for the season. I love red on my nails din. I have other usage of that red nail color.. I'll be posting it soon on my fashion blog. Please visit me soon :).

  7. I love red nail polish anytime of the year! I always select red when I get a manicure and pedicure :)

  8. The shade matches the mood for this season --- bright and warm at the same time ^-^

  9. Oooo I love this for the upcoming holiday season! Great color :)

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