Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Party with Blogger Friends

One the things that I am grateful for this year is having more friends. Friends who shares the same hobby with me. Friends who are funny and caring.

We had a cowboy party last year. This year, the party was made simpler. It was a pot luck party and everyone came wearing something red. Then, we exchanged gifts and swapped old stuff.

Oh, how great it is to share a friendly relationship with these girls. We don't always get to meet because some of us work, the rest are busy being a full-time mommy, but we are the happiest every time we see each other.

From left to right: Bedalyn, Joy, Jing, Honey, Jenny, Nora, me and Lyn

Merry Christmas friends! xoxo

Source of Photos: Arnold Agulto, hubby of Sis Honey Banagua


  1. This is so nice! :) Blogging can really create friendship.. I hope I'll gain some close friends too in the blogsphere.. ^^

  2. Awww! Looks like everyone had a great time!
    You all look so fab in red :-)

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  3. I totally enjoyed the party with the happiest people on earth, haha. I love you all!

  4. seems you all had a great fun there:)


  5. Funny post
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  6. Wow, nice to know yall celebrating xmas party!

    Thanks for visiting my site sis!

  7. Hi fren, I always love being with true and sincere friends like you. Let's have more parties together! hihihi Love you all, Super FS! God bless our friendship. ;)

  8. Aaw, that looks like a great time :) I hope everything's fine with you!

  9. bonggacious! pretty nang mga mommies....:)


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