Monday, December 26, 2011

All Red and Merry

How was your Christmas celebration? Did you ladies have fun? Mine was simple and traditional. This year, hubby and I decided to celebrate Christmas only in the city, so there was nothing special. I had sumptuous dinner with my family the eve before, went to church in morning and visited my relatives in the afternoon.

My daughter and I after church.
I wore my red bow tie dress from two years ago.

She also wore a red dress, paired with a DIY headband.
And again, say hello to my red frosted nails.

The most awaited moment.. opening of gifts!

The color of Christmas in the city.

Rockwell Center looks very lovely at night.

A lot of bad things happened this year and this month alone. People died during the typhoon Sendong and still a lot suffering from the lost of their loved ones, homes and properties. Clearly, this is not the happiest Christmas for everyone in the country. However, I believe that Christmas is here to remind us that Heavenly Father loves us so much and Jesus Christ came to earth to redeem us. Let us not all lose hope. Christmas can still be merry!


  1. love your dress and your daughter is so cute :)

  2. pwede bang ligawan ng anak ko yung anak mo? so cute! nakakatuwa matching outfits ninyo .... inggit ako haha

  3. christmas is truly red! nice dress hah" good post...meri x'mas:)

  4. You both look gorgeous! I love the opening gift photo of your little princess! You live in a place with this grand view, wow! So lovely indeed! Merry Christmas dear!

  5. pretty mrs kolca. and your daughter is beyond adorable. <3

  6. I especially liked the fact that mother and daughter were both wearing red. And I especially admire you for choosing to wear a dress from two years before.


    ang cute ng baby mo! red na red ang mag nanay! bagay!para kang si mrs. claus! kayo ata ang tunay na pamilya ni santa claus!

  8. you have a beautiful daughter,

    now following ;-)

  9. Merry Christmas to you and your family! =)


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