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Monday, November 28, 2011

Sale Find: Red Hot Genuine Leather Wallet

Our family went to Metro Market Market for shopping and dining last weekend. Before going there, I already knew what I wanted to buy so after a bit of Christmas shopping, I visited the stores where I could possibly get a red wallet. I checked Riviera at the department store and Our Tribe, but I didn't see any design that I really like. Luckily, I passed by a Vedasto stall and chanced on this red hot wallet with a simple design.

It has enough room for my cards, coins and bills. It is handy and light. I did not get a big discount for it, just 10% off, but I consider it a great deal thinking that it is made out of genuine leather. I love my new wallet!

Sale Find: Red Hot Wallet
Sale Price: P612
Regular Price: P680
Sale From: Vedasto Stall, Metro Market Market


  1. Hi, bought a fushcia wallet at Marketmarket for 50% off 3 weeks ago! I wouldn't have bought it without the discount. NIce red wallet dear..

  2. I wanna go to Market Market but it is too far from my place. When I get the chance to attend an event somewhere near, I'll check the store..:) love this hot red wallet..

  3. great wallet!

    Great post!!
    thanks for sharing!

  4. what! I really love the color sis...my favorite color! simple yet elegant...:)

    thanks for dropping by...wow,you are hosting a party...how exciting!

    add more sweets sis...how about cupcakes! you can bake some and let Askim decorate it...ehehehe! you can also make fruit kabobs or mini bites cold sandwich....can I come? hehehhe! good luck! am sure you are going to be a fabulous host!

  5. Cool wallet!!
    Fab color!!!

  6. Love your wallet! It's so sleek and chic :) I haven't been to Market Market since it's a little far from my place though.

  7. WOW, NICE PRICE for a nice wallet!!!I so love red, I'm using a red wallet too!


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